10 reasons to Visit Italy

Among the 10 reasons to visit Italy, the common thread is that it looks like an eclectic country, into which a variety of elements that make it impressive. Since the secular culture, which is reflected in any Italian city; the blend of past and present is an intrinsic feature that can be seen walking through the streets and stopping in the streets, it becomes a visual delight and enrich the cultural staff. Being a peninsula, thus almost completely surrounded by the sea, it’s not hard to spend a wonderful vacation on the beautiful beaches. Food is an essential element of the culture itself, it is possible to enjoy traditional flavors mixed with the latest gastronomic products, which have always been the emblem of Italy. It just has to book holidays to go!

1) Major number of Unesco sites


According to the estimates of UNESCO, Italy accounts for about 5% of World Heritage sites with less than 51 (list updated to 2015). In no other country you can visit such a concentration of sites, this is certainly the main reason that should prompt any visitor from all over the world, to go over those that are the pieces of the mosaic of world culture.

2) Architecture

architecture in italy

Arriving in Italy, certainly can not help but find themselves in front of the endless number of architectures, which permeate every area of the city. The architectures are not only those that belong to the past and that support has always been the pillars of our culture, but also those of the author and most current. Just think of the EUR district of Rome, rich in architectural works of author, inspired by the past and we mix the basic principles to more modern way of building. What can be seen is a fascinating journey, which aims to gradually discover the different architectures.

3) Fashion

fashion italy armani

Obviously, to do edge the vastness of arts that permeate Italy, could not miss the fashion. The creativity of the designers finds its highest expression in the design of high fashion; extravagance, modernity that often is linked to the fashion of the past into an eternal and continuous become again.
What makes peculiar fashion is not only the skill of the designer, but also the use of quality materials that are almost exclusively produced and manufactured with brand made in Italy, the pride is not insignificant, considering that it is now increasingly rare to find an indigenous product.

4) Cars

ferrari italy

The major automakers that have marked the history, find their headquarters in Italy. It’s an exciting experience to visit the factories of cars, but also of everything that has an engine as the beating heart; the combination of elegance and even better performance make intriguing finding patterns that may intrigue his passion for cars and why not, also do some shopping!

5) Food

italian food

Those who decide to make a trip to Italy, certainly not unaware of the delicacies to which undergoes. The variety of flavors is vast, local products, cross a wide spectrum ranging from cheeses, cold cuts, up to wine and grappa. Italy is famous for pizza, which has become international, because of its goodness and simplicity. It’s hard to meet someone who has never eaten this specialty, because fame precedes it, and anyone who decides to approach the least to Italy, can not help but taste it. Among the products that include the extensive list of delicacies, there is also a corner for coffee; this drink has a long, well and Italians have managed to turn it into its own emblem, inserting it in the local tradition of many Italian cities.

6) Mountains and Sea

mountains and sea in italy

Yes, Italy is a peninsula and as such for most of the banks of the sea. Those who decide to visit it, may choose to spend their vacation time at sea or in the mountains, or combine both. The scenery changes dramatically depending on the choice of destination, whether you choose to go to the beach is to enjoy the sun, perhaps in the bank, while the waves pamper our legs and with a climate much warmer; those who decide to go to the mountains, is to escape the heat or just to spend holidays in harmony with nature.

7) Islands

italian islands

Although Italy is a peninsula quite compact, also it consists of islands of varying sizes, which can be reached from the coastal resorts of relevance. Among the wonderful islands to visit, they include Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica (although politically belongs to France), Capri, Positano, Ischia and many more. Tourism is definitely the highlight of it points to Italy, mainly because it has to offer a wealth of wonders that are rarely found in other parts of the world.

8) Music

italian music

In this riot of colors, flavors and traditions, certainly could not miss the music; those who love or who is only a disinterested listener, should visit at least once in their life the homes of the great Italian composers and musicians; Giuseppe Verdi, his work and what he has left to posterity, to visit the music stores. Among the various crafts that still exist in Italy, the luthier is a figure still exists, though much weakened. You can find shops selling handicrafts, like violins, pianos or any other musical instrument; just think of Antonio Stradivari and the perfection of the tools he himself made, that even today, centuries later, continues to inspire and fascinate

9) Floating city like Venice


Who has never been impressed by the glamor and romance of Venice? When you decide to come to Italy, definitely falls between the steps required. The history of the lagoon city digs its foundations in the past, when they were applied pilings long 25 meters, thanks to which we were able to realize then the various buildings on the land stable. The city of Venice is actually a complex set of about a hundred islands, which are connected to each other so congenial and charming. For those who want to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of total romance is perfect, here there is no roar of car, but only the voice of gondoliers festive or boats that are about to dock. To complete the cultural framework is the icing on the cake, yet another demonstration of the potential cultural and folkloric Italian.

10) Climate

Nothing better than tanning on the beach in good a company.

Among all the countries of the world, definitely Italy, as well as for other things already mentioned, it is important for its climate. The Italian climate is divided into four categories: Mediterranean climate, continental climate, climate Apennine and alpine climate. So who decides to make a trip to Italy, must prepare for these differences and, if necessary, to enjoy 360 degrees of what they can offer the country, try to visit all the areas. In their make different Italy from a climatic point of view, in fact, almost paradoxically, make it unique in its kind and a wonderful place to visit, but above all to live.

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