5 Healthy Italian Dishes

When we talk about Italian dishes the first thing that comes to mind is either pasta or pizza. But in today’s Italian modern cooking healthier variations are now available and can be easily adapted for healthier eating. Italian food is categorized as a Mediterranean type of cuisine and this is a healthy way to eat. Surprise your friends and family with Italian healthy dishes every now and then.

Pasta Dishes Made the Healthy Way

Pasta dish is almost a staple in any Italian meal. A very simple dish like Fresh Tomatoes and Basil Fettuccine is very satisfying and nourishing at the same time. Made with fresh tomatoes, cheese and basil this is very easy and simple dish to do at home. Make your own fresh tomato and basil sauce and used a low fat cheese or Parmesan for a healthier option. Tomatoes are an excellent source of lycopene and Vitamin C essential to boost the immune system.

Vegetarian pasta
Vegetarian pasta by arvind grover

The Healthy Salad

Italian salads are usually healthy with lots of vegetable variety like fresh greens, onions, olives and legumes. Why not try a good Healthy Italian Pasta Salad that is very easy to do at home, packed with high nutritional benefits and exquisite Italian taste this salad will surely be a hit on any dinner table. The pasta used in this salad is the healthiest kind- whole wheat Fusilli. The whole wheat variety of pasta is a great source of fiber and nutrition. With the addition of carrots, onions and broccoli this salad offers variety in texture and a good source of vitamin C, beta-carotene and flavonoids. Plus the inclusion of black olives makes this salad more nutritious and tastier. Use a low fat Italian salad dressing not only for this salad dish but great with other salads too.

Great Healthy Pizzas

It is now time to try a sumptuous pizza dish that is packed with nutrients for healthy eating. Indeed pizzas can be really healthy and delicious at the same time. The classic traditional Neapolitan Pizza is one of the tastiest and simplest among other types of pizza. This very tasty and healthy pizza has few ingredients but lots of nutritional benefits. A good dough made from whole wheat with toppings of fresh mozzarella cheese is perfect for a healthy pizza. Neapolitan pizza toppings are made from fresh tomatoes and fresh basil. Tomatoes are a good source of Vitamin C and lycopene has rich powerful antioxidants while basil has potent antibacterial property and good for digestion.

Healthy Italian Meat Dishes

Italian Meat dishes are often healthy using less oil often grilled, broiled, baked or seared in extra virgin olive oil with an infusion of natural herbs and spices making it even tastier and healthier. A good healthy dish like Chicken Parmesan uses skinless chicken fillet meat cooked healthy through baking added with fresh herbs perfect combination as pasta topping or eaten with a vegetable salad side dish. Chicken meat is a good source of protein and iron which has lower fat content than other meats.

Great Tasting Healthy Italian Deserts

Italians love to eat good food and their desserts are exceptionally good. Desserts are usually fattening due to the sugar and high caloric content. But there are healthy Italian desserts that are healthy and great tasting. A good fruity sherbet is a cool dessert that is low fat and refreshing. You could try a healthy Tiramisu cake dessert at home using low fat cream, mascarpone cheese and egg whites. This healthy dessert treat would not add unwanted pounds and is truly rewarding.

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