5 Most Popular Hair Styles In Italy

Italy has always been a fashion conscious country, so it is no surprise that its natives always sport such fabulous hair styles. Even during the ancient Roman times, Italy was famous for its beautiful hair styles. Here are some of the top hair styles in Italy today.

Italian Boy Cut

The Italian boy cut started to get popular in the mid-20th century, and it is still a common hair style worn by Italian women today. To get this very short haircut, the hair has to be cut approximately four inches all over and then combed forward.

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Photo by Ibrahim Iujaz / License: Creative Commons

Long and Curly

Long and curly hair styles are huge in Italy right now. Many women love to grow their hair past the middle of their backs and add soft layers throughout. Instead of straightening their hair like many American women do, they spend a lot of time curling their hair. Big curls create a lot of volume in the hair, making it look thicker and healthier. The easiest way to achieve this beautiful hair style is to curl your hair with a large barrel curling iron. Then, apply hairspray all over your hair so that the curls stay in place.

Brushed Back Hair

Brushed back hair has become increasingly popular in Italy and is very effortless. Instead of parting your hair in the middle or to the side, you simply just brush it backwards. Whether you have long and loose hair or a short haircut, the brushed back hair style can look great on you. Begin by blow-drying your hair in a backwards motion while running your fingers through your hair. When your hair is dry, brush your hair back with your fingers and add some styling wax to it.

French Twist With Scarf

Another very popular hair style in Italy is the French twist. This elegant hair style is created by putting your hair in a low ponytail and twisting it in an upward motion. It is then held together with clips or pins. Italian women like to give this classic hair style even more pizazz by tying a colorful scarf around their head.

Romantic Braid

Nothing is more feminine than a lovely braid hair style. The romantic and elegant braid hair style is one of the top hair looks in Italy and is very simple to create and maintain. Start off by applying volumizing mousse all over your hair and blow-drying it with a diffuser. Then, begin braiding your hair and secure it with a hair tie.

As you can see, hair is a big deal in Italy. Many Italians spend a lot of time on their hair each day so that it looks great. Even if you do not live in Italy, it is possible to achieve one of these lovely hair styles. Take some time and practice the hair style of your choice or if you are not comfortable with creating one of these popular hair styles yourself, you can always visit a local hair salon in your area. The next time you’re in Italy, be sure to take a look around at the wonderful and timeless hair styles Italy has to offer.

Anne Thomas is a fashion and beauty blogger, focusing on hair and fashion trends from around the world. Her experience derives from years in the fashion circuit and training students at The Process Institute of Cosmetology.

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