Arezzo – one of the most important Etruscan cities

The city of Arezzo can be found in the central portion of Italy; only 80 kilometres from Florence. The bustling city is currently home to more than 100,000 residents and today is a very popular tourist destination.

Known as one of the most important cities in the days of the Etruscans, the city of Arezzo has a very long and colorful history. Known to the Etruscans as the Dodecapolis, a number of sites around the city can be found dating back to the Etruscan period. There is the popular Acropolis of San Cornelio which can be found on a hill just outside of the town. You will also find the remnants of many walls throughout the area as well as the Poggio del Sole.

Piazza Grande, Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy
Piazza Grande, Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy by EnlightenmentReloaded

The 5th century Chimera of Arezzo and the 4th century Minerva bronze statues were found in Arezzo back in the 16th century and are currently on display in Florence. The Euphronios painting of the Krater which was made back in 510 B.C. was also found in the area and now sits on display in the city’s Museum, Museo Civico.

The city itself is built upon a hill to keep it above the flood levels of the Arno River flood plains. In the highest parts of the town, you will find the ancient cathedral which was built back in 1333. There is also the Fortezza Medicea which can be found in the old town center. All major streets in Arezzo lead to and from the fort.

Cathedral of Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy
Cathedral of Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy by Rinina25 & Twice25

There are a number of palaces and churches that are located throughout the city of Arezzo. Many of these structures date back to the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. The city is also home to an ancient Roman amphitheater and a museum which displays the many Roman artifacts uncovered throughout the area in various dig locations.

Arezzo is a great tip for a day trip from Florence.

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