Calabria – home to the world’s most beautiful beaches!

Calabria is rich. However its wealth is not measured by money or economic prosperity, in that it is far behind the rest of Italy. Calabria is rich because of its beaches. Instead of noisy souvenir hawkers there is a quiet and peace, instead of muddy water you can enjoy a clear view through the surface to the ground.

Fine sand, shaded by pine trees and the unique ice-cream dessert Tartufo, which was founded right here. Welcome to Calabria, Italy’s poorest region with the world’s most beautiful beaches!

Sunset in Calabria vith a view of Stromboli, Italy
Sunset in Calabria vith a view of Stromboli from Capo Vaticano, Italy by Alfonso Minervino

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Calabria is one of the poorest regions of Italy. But it has great natural wealth.

As regards the economy, Calabria is one of the poorest regions throughout Italy. Together with Sicily form a symbol of poor south, which has perhaps only national hymn and flag common to the northern Italy.

Do not expect a modern cities with fashionable boulevards, rather it is a place of olive orchards, orange trees and vineyards full of hard working contadinos (farmers).

Trattoria La Botte in Tropea, Calabria
Trattoria La Botte in Tropea by Marco Messina

Peace at the tip of Italian boot

At the tip of Italian boot, where Calabria is situated, you will find incredible peace and quietness. There is no hurry, the beaches here often serve to you only (no sharing with other people), and the water is clear, clean, and usually nicely warmed.

Swimming here is sometimes possible even in November when the first snow can already be found on the Italian mainland, while the water temperature here can still be around 20°C (currently – 23 Jan 2015 – only 15°C so it is only for a cold-water swimmers).

The sea in Scalea, Calabria, Italy
The sea in Scalea, Calabria, Italy by Giuseppe Quattrone

By the way – the sea in Calabria is said to be one of the cleanest in Europe, and the local beaches in recent years gained a number of awards, including one that ranks it among the destinations with the top 20 most beautiful beaches on the planet.

Somewhere the sand is white, elsewhere it is gold, a few beaches have even a dark sand or small pebbles. You can choose from the large wide beaches that are typical mainly for the north of Italy, or from small romantic coves, some of which are accessible only by boat.

Crystal clear waters of Calabria, Italy
Crystal clear waters of Calabria by Luca

Catanzaro – a city between two seas

Catanzaro is the capital of Calabria, located at the narrowest point of the peninsula. In good weather you can therefore see both banks of Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas.

The city has about 100,000 inhabitants and it boasts a cathedral that dates back to 1121, or the building, which was formed after the bombing of the original one in 1943. You can see the remains of a Romanesque castle and reserve at least two hours for walking through the narrow streets.

Duomo di Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy
Duomo di Catanzaro by Igea

Capo Vaticano – the best of Calabria

When you see the lighthouse, then know you are on the Capo Vaticano promontory, which is the heart of Calabria, reputedly the most beautiful place, with a magical atmosphere.

Everyone must recognize that its magic is at least a view of the local reefs. In nice weather (which is standard in the summer months) you can see a nearby Stromboli volcano island as a part of Aeolian islands.

Capo Vaticano, Ricadi, Calabria, Italy
Capo Vaticano, Ricadi, Calabria by Alfonso Minervino

And if you look at the coastline below, you will see the most beautiful beaches you can ever find in Italy. The only, but also the fundamental problem is, that the beaches below the Belvedere lighthouse are accessible via water only.

Better accessible beach is in the bay of Grotticelle where you can also find the majority of the hotels located in Capo Vaticano promontory. This beach also has several awards.

Capo Vaticano, Coastline, Calabria, Italy
Capo Vaticano, Coastline, Calabria, Italy by sonia uliana

Try the famous ice cream dessert Tartufo in Pizzo Calabro!

On the reefs of the Gulf of Santa Eufemia, there is another small town – Pizzo Calabro. And beware – its name certainly does not refer to the famous Italian dish! Pizzo means the beak and points the way how the cliffs bit into the sea. According to the locals, they resemble the shape of the beak.

Summer in Pizzo Calabro, Calabria, Italy
Summer in Pizzo Calabro, Calabria by Piervincenzo Madeo

The great attraction of this place used to be the cave of the Saracen. It is said that pirates were hiding the treasures from sunken ships right here. However the cave has been damaged by seawater over the years and the visit to this cave is not very secure.

Not very secure (for your body) can also be a visit to the local pasticceria. Pizzo is a birthplace of famous Tartufo – an ice cream dessert filled with liqueur or fruit and coated in chocolate, nuts or coconut.

Tartufo - ice-cream dessert
Tartufo – ice-cream dessert by Anna Fox

Tropea – churches and red onion

Tropea is a historic town located about 8 km from Capo Vaticano. In summer, city changes into a popular tourist center, where people go mainly for entertainment.

During the hot days, you can enjoy little shade on a visit of one of the churches, in the Franciscan monastery or by visiting the cathedral from the 12th century. The town has several sites that date back to the Greek and Roman periods. And what to buy as a souvenir? The famous red onion.

Tropea, Calabria, Italy
Tropea by simo0082

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