Calabria – unspoiled nature, white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea

Calabria is the southernmost region of Italian peninsula, situated at the toe of the famous Italian boot. For its unspoiled nature, white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea Calabria is considered not only one of the most beautiful places in Italy, but also the cleanest ones.

Its name got over five thousand years ago by Greek sailors who, charmed by the local pine grove, named it Calabria region (Calabi means pine forest in Greek). You can still see a lot of people resting in the shadow of this typical Mediterranean vegetation.

Tropea, Calabria, Italy
Tropea, Calabria, Italy by simo0082

Calabria boasts 800 kilometers of rocky coastline with limestone cliffs and the white sand and pebble beaches, which, in comparison to the beaches in the northern part of Italy, are empty in the hot summer months. Atmosphere of the area is really great in a picturesque Mediterranean towns with winding streets. The greatest and most beautiful of these is undoubtedly Tropea, and no one should miss it during the holidays spending in Calabria.

It comes from the Greek-Norman period, of which there are many preserved landmarks. Among the most famous is the Cathedral, which still houses several unexploded mines from World War II. On a clear day you can enjoy the coastal promenade views of the smoldering cone of the volcano Stromboli. A tour of the town is recommended to finish in one of the local taverns and taste the local specialties. Calabrian cuisine will not disappoint you, although it is almost entirely composed of pasta, pizza, spicy sausages and seafood. As an appetizer make sure to try the lemon liqueur limoncello.

Calabria has always belonged to the poorest agricultural regions of Italy, and therefore you will not find any factories or industrial complexes in the surrounding area. Agriculture still prevails here, and so at every step you will be accompanied by a fields of citrus, olives and figs, private fields, and of course the ubiquitous vineyards. Particularly Calabrian residents are proud of the local wine that is really delicious and you should taste it as well.

The easiest and fastest connection with Calabria is, of course, by plane. You can land either in Reggio Calabria or Lamezia Terme. Many travel agencies organize holidays trips here.

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