Cortina D’ampezzo VIP place on Dolomites for summer holiday

Cortina D’ Ampezzo exudes a crisp spring air. A season to live to the rhythm of sport. It ‘s time to replace the bike to travel Dolomites world’s most beautiful, wear comfortable shoes and light to race through stunning scenery, going out for the first walks at low altitude, to discover hidden corners and “private”. The Queen of the Dolomites offers bike paths, running and trekking to suit all needs.

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VIP Cortina D' Ampezzo

VIP Cortina D’ Ampezzo

Cortina, queen of the Dolomites. To be her crown the charm of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Natural Heritage.
The period between May and early November is the best time to discover the wonders that the territory has kept under the white blanket of winter, to enjoy the green of the natural spaces in the summer and the thousand colors that dress the Dolomites in autumn.
Cortina, then, turns into a huge gym with endless proposals and numerous routes for walking or biking. The best of the territory is revealed through woods, streams and alpine lakes.
With 56 restaurants and shelters at high altitude and 13 lifts you can discover the peaks, natural view point from which to contemplate the wonders of the Ampezzo valley.

cortina d'ampezzo italian dolomites

cortina d’ampezzo italian dolomites

cortina d'ampezzo 2

cortina d’ampezzo in summer

cortina d'ampezzo dolomites

cortina d’ampezzo dolomites

cortina d'ampezzo dolomites

cortina d’ampezzo dolomites

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