Costa Smeralda – one of the most exclusive and popular parts of Sardinia

Emerald Coast known as Costa Smeralda is among the most exclusive parts on the island of Sardinia. Coast with a bay is located in the north-eastern part of the island and attracts visitors not only for beautiful beaches with white sand, but also for romantic coves, rocks jutting out of the sea and the unique natural surroundings.

The bay is surrounded by hills that protect it against wind and adverse weather conditions. On one of the hills rises the picturesque church of Nostra Signora de su Monte.

Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy
Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy by Marco Pancini

Right here, on Costa Smeralda you can find popular tourist resort of Baia Sardinia. It is located in the gulf called Golfo di Arzachena and here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the islands of Caprera and Maddalena. Baia Sardinia is a lively holiday resort full of bars, restaurants, cafes, pubs and shops with various goods. If you like lively nightlife and social life, then Baia Sardinia is waiting just for you.

Fans of golf will be pleased here as well as there is a popular golf course Pevero. Families with children and young people can have a fun in the local water park. If you just need to find some empty resting place, you can go to discover the local coves surrounded by granite rocks, where you will certainly find some privacy. The beaches are rocky or sandy, with gradual entry into the sea and for a small fee you can rent the sun loungers and parasols. Great swimming is ensured by the azure blue and crystal clear waters of Tyrrhenian Sea.

The area is a popular destination for spending vacation not only for foreign tourists, but also for many Italians. You will find here everything you need for peaceful rest.

Costa Smeralda is 10 kilometres long coastline, which stretches from Olbia to the north, starting in the town of Porto Rotondo and ends at the port of Porto Cervo. The beauty of the coast is hidden in small bays, beaches, dunes and ubiquitous pines. Costa Smeralda is often referred to as the Kingdom of granite thanks to those granite cliffs jutting out of the sea.

Porto Rotondo, Sardinia, Italy
Porto Rotondo, Sardinia, Italy by Stefano Brivio

The coast is now dotted with elegant buildings that imitate the original local pastoral dwelling. Everything is nicely nestled in local green so do not disturb the original character of the island. This corner of Sardinia has become the most popular centre for summer vacation. Local resorts such as Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo, Baia Sardinia or Portisco offers visitors endless clean beaches, luxurious villas and tourist complexes providing high quality service, warm sea and lots of dining and entertainment opportunities.

As it is though, all that is famous, is also expensive. Prices are considerably higher than in other locations in Sardinia or in other parts of Italy. However, if you are a traveller who wants to get a feel of Italian islands, become familiar with local customs and people, then Costa Smeralda will not be the right place for you.

Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy
Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy by Ross Huggett

The main centre and the heart of the coast is idyllic town of Porto Cervo, with luxury restaurants, hotels, entertainment options and impressive yacht harbor. The Marina is a home to luxury yachts, and it may happen that you will meet some of the world famous celebrity. Porto Cervo is known for numerous secluded beaches, the most beautiful are around the Cape Cappriccioli, Rena Bianca and Liscia Ruia. If you still want to spend some more money there are lots of luxury boutiques, shops, casinos, restaurants or bars waiting for you.

Another important centre is Porto Rotondo or round port with a dominant church of San Lorenzo, which is decorated with wood carvings with scenes from the Bible. There is also a large open-air theatre built in 1995. The town was founded in 1965 by brothers Luigi and Nicolò Donà dalle Rose, who came from a noble Venetian family.

Near the town lies a popular beach Ira, which was named after the German actress Ira von Fürstenberg, who bought a villa here. There is also a complex of villas, owned by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

This part of the island is dotted with many religious buildings including Pisan-Romanesque churches, such as The Basilica della Santissima Trinità di Saccargia. Interesting and unique are also mysterious prehistoric dwellings called “nuraghi”. Their greatest concentration is in the Valle dei Nuraghi.

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