Italian Festivals and Events in January

Those of you who are planning to visit Italy in January, can take part in a number of holiday festivals and events that are scheduled during the month. Italy is more than a country of great artwork, history, and ancient ruins and although it is best known as a superb summer holiday destination, you will not be bored at all even in winter.

Those who choose to take part in festivals can see and participate in some of the unique flavors of the country, and enjoy a bit of Italian culture and traditions.

Fair of Sant Orso
Fair of Sant Orso in Aosta by Eleonora


The Ephiphany takes place on January 6th. This is a celebratory festival which denotes the birth of the Son of God, and the arrival of the 3 Kings. It is a festival that includes the performance of live nativity scenes. In Italy this date is even more important than Christmas. An old and ugly witch, La Befana, flies on the broom around the country, and delivers gifts to the kids.

San Antonio Abate

San Antonio Abate is a festival which includes a live bonfire. It is a festival full of music, dance and fun celebrated in the whole country but especially in central and southern Italy on 16th and 17th of January. It features revelry of all sorts. This is a great event for those who wish to celebrate Italian style.

Il Palio di Sant’Antonio Abate

Another festival that Italy is proud to present and welcome guests of all ages is the Tuscan festival which is known as Il Palio di Sant’Antonio Abate. It is celebrated in Buti, near Pisa, on January 17th. This is another great festival for visitors who are traveling in Italy to take advantage of. People wear the colors of their neighborhood.

Feast Day of San Sebastiano

Another celebration that should not be missed when traveling to Italy in January is the Feast Day of San Sebastiano. This festival takes place on January 20th and is celebrated especially in Sicily and features silver carriages, parades, and hymn.

Fair of Sant Orso

One of the January festivals not to be missed is the Fair of Sant Orso. At the end of January visitors come to Aosta from all over Italy to see the woodworkers and silk professionals making their crafts. This festival has been celebrated in the region for over one thousand years now.

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