MotoGP 2015 Valentino Rossi is the Winner !!! Listen the interview-Marquez and Lorenzo ruined the MotoGP


Well, after this season on MotoGP 2015 who is at the end the winner?! Jorge Lorenzo or Valentino Rossi?! On paper the winner is Lorenzo but for italian and the rest of the world, the absolute winner is Valentino Rossi!

Spanish have ruined a sport as the MotoGP, conspiracy of Marquez and Lorenzo is not competitive. On Final race in Valencia, Valentino Rossi started from 26th position, arriving 4th at the goal so a good race. But for Lorenzo to win this year the MotoGp was to easy being that Valentino started his race from the last position.

As we saw in Sepang the alliance between Marquez and Lorenzo, continued in the final race in Valencia. Marquez was always behind Lorenzo, and was very fast, but Marquez never tried to exceed Lorenzo, never! But when Pedrosa was exceeding Marquez, the last one fought to not allow Pedrosa to exceed.

It’s very incredible that team as Honda had this behavior in favor of Yamaha to Lorenzo.

At the end italians and rest of the world know that the real winner is Valentino Rossi, with his record of 9 world championships!

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