Murano: The Glass Making Island

If beautiful hand crafted glass pieces are among your collectible items, then visiting the beautiful island of Murano should be atop your agenda.  Connected by bridges, this island is actually made up of several small islands that serve only to enhance the beauty of the location.

If glass work is all that you are familiar with when it comes to Murano, you may find the following information rather intriguing. Read on to find out more about the beautiful “glass making island.”

Murano, Veneto, Italy
Murano, Veneto by Alois Staudacher

Where is Murano?

Murano is located about a mile away from Venice, making it easily accessible from the city.  It takes about a 10 minute boat ride to reach the island.  Water taxis carry people to and from the island.

Keep in mind, however, that boats can become rather crowded at certain times throughout the day.  For a quicker trip to the island, avoid taking a ferry or boat to the island during this time. You can also look for some cheap airline tickets and get to Venice by airplane as well.

Murano channel, Italy
Murano channel, Italy by Maurice

Getting Around Murano

Once you have reached the beautiful island, you will immediately want to begin exploring.  The best way to get a good glimpse of the island and see what it has to offer is by foot. Because the island is so small, exploring by foot will be rather easy.

Don’t be afraid of getting overheated or uncomfortable while walking as Murano’s streets are filled with shade from beautiful trees. You won’t need to catch a cab as you will enjoy the many nearby attractions on the small island.

Typical streets of Murano, Veneto, Italy
Typical streets of Murano by Alois Staudacher

Sightseeing in Murano

Murano doesn’t all short when it comes to attractions for travelers.  Popular attractions in Murano include the Church of San Pietro Martire, Palazzo Giustinian, and the Museum of Glassmaking.

While all three are popular tourist destinations, the museum offers a depiction of the history of the glass making which is so popular to Murano.  In Murano, you can visit the glass museums, watch glass blowing demonstrations, and visit the beautiful churches that adorn the island.

Art of glass
Art of glass by Chiara Marra

Where to stay in Murano?

Murano Palace in Murano is one place that is available to host tourists to the island. However, most tourists choose to stay in the beautiful city of Venice and travel to the island once or twice during the stay.

For those who want to spend time thoroughly exploring the island, there are small hotels and rooms available. Take advantage of the family, friendly atmosphere as many of these hotels are run by families that promise to make your stay an intimate, enjoyable experience.

Murano with glass monument in the middle of Campo Santo Stefano, Veneto, Italy
Murano with glass monument in the middle of Campo Santo Stefano by Alois Staudacher

Tasting Murano

Because the island is a small, quaint place, it isn’t overrun with large restaurants.  You will be able to find places to enjoy cuisine on the island.  Some of the hotels have small restaurants that you can frequent during the visit.

Fresh seafood is popular on the island and is served in most restaurants. You can also expect simple Italian cuisine. Cafés are popular in the area so a coffee break is not out of the question.  Keep in mind however, that many tourists choose to eat in the larger, less expensive eateries in Venice.

Another glass art in Murano, Veneto, Italy
Another glass art in Murano by Alois Staudacher

Shopping on the Island of Murano

Unless you are in search of the beautiful glass that is native to the island, there won’t be much in the way of shopping on the island.  There are many shops devoted to showcasing and selling the glass.  When shopping for murano glass pieces, it can be beneficial to know what to look for in authentic glass pieces.

Not all of the shops on the island will offer hand crafted 100% original pieces. Price is often a good indication of how authentic the piece is.  Don’t plan on having a large selection of other items on the island. It is a paradise for glass lovers and is sure to have purchases to soothe your heart’s desire.

Murano, Veneto, Italy - 2
Street in Murano by Alois Staudacher

Visiting the island of Murano in Italy will without a doubt be a unique experience for tourists.  If you have a love for glass, this will be the perfect location for you to visit.  From visiting the beautiful churches to shopping for glass, Murano is sure to be a place that you will never forget.  Begin planning your trip for an experience of a lifetime.

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