Praia a Mare – visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Calabria

Praia a Mare is considered by many to have the best beach in Calabria, proven by crystal clear sea, black volcanic sands, several sea caves, island and cliffs for great diving.

Praia a Mare and Tortora are two adjacent towns situated on the border between the regions of Basilicata and Calabria. Praia a Mare is a beautiful modern town, which was able to maintain a typical southern Italian character.

Praia a Mare beach, Calabria, Italy
Praia a Mare beach, Calabria by Mélanie

The center offers a nice walk to the seaside promenade that connects Praia a Mare with Tortora. It is very suitable also for recreational cycling enthusiasts. Its location is its main advantage as one part is opened to the magnificent blue sea while the other side is surrounded by the mountains.

Praia a Mare beach with island of Dino on the left, Calabria, Italy
Praia a Mare beach with island of Dino on the left, Calabria by Gianpietro Iannitelli

The dominant feature of the town is the nearby island called Dino, which is famous for its beautiful caves. The best known of these are Cyan and Lion’s Cave (Grotta Azzurra and Grotta del Leone), where you can get with organized boat trips.

The beach in Praia a Mare is made of gray volcanic sand with small pebbles and with its length of about 5 kilometers it is spread along the whole coast. Praia means beach in Ancient Greek and Mare means Sea in Italian, so it could be translated as “The beach at the Sea”.

Inside of Grotta Azzurra, Island of Dino, Calabria, Italy
Inside of Grotta Azzurra, Island of Dino by fiore_carmelina

The resort offers great swimming conditions, but there are also wonderful cliffs suitable for diving. Of course entertainment and sports facilities are not missing here as well, such as the one of the largest water parks in southern Italy. You can enjoy shopping in major markets that are held here every Thursday morning.

Praia a Mare is located on the northern tip of the Calabrian coast. The main attraction of this Italian city are endless sandy beaches and silent rocky coves accessible only by boat or on foot.

Rocky bays at Praia a Mare, Calabria, Italy
Rocky bays at Praia a Mare, Calabria by Marc Escanuelas

In recent years, Praia a Mare has been highly developed and has become a popular recreation areas in Calabria and therefore can offer you a lot of opportunities to spend your vacation in Italy.

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