Why Sailing In Italy Is The Only Way To Travel

Capri, Bay of Naples, Italy

Picture the scene: you’ve anchored your yacht just off the island of Capri and the sun is setting on yet another perfect day in the Bay of Naples. Tomorrow promises intrigue and adventure as you’re going to explore on land amongst the relics of Pompeii however, for this evening, you have a dinner date in Sorrento and that freshly caught

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Pompeii – City of Ashes

Theatre at Pompeii, Italy

Who does not know Pompeii? Probably everyone already heard about this town situated in the Bay of Naples. In the past, it became the unwilling participant of a natural disaster, which killed the whole city along with its inhabitants and covered by the ash. But, paradoxically, this disaster very extended our knowledge of the ancient world. Pompeii was founded in

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See Naples and die! Explore the city of five hundred towers

Piazza del Plebiscito, one of Naples' largest public squares

Naples is beautiful… This bustling metropolis of Campania, called Napoli in Italy, can offer its visitors really a lot. But you must be prepared for indeed a mass of people! In terms of population the city itself is the third largest city in Italy (after Rome and Milan), but with its neighbors and suburbs forms the second largest continuously built-up

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