Specchia – one of the ten best European rural destinations

Specchia is the village situated in the province of Lecce, in Puglia region. It is known as one of the ten best European rural destinations. Price EDEN has a dual purpose – to draw attention to the value, diversity and shared characteristics of European tourist destinations and to promote destinations, whose commercial success goes hand in hand with social, cultural

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Gargano National Park – great sea, forests and mountains, what else you need for your next holidays?

Gargano National Park, Puglia, Italy

In the southern part of Italy, you will find the Gargano National Park which covers the area of the Foresta Umbra which was established back in 1977 along with the entirety of Mount Gargano. Within the borders of the national park you will also find the Tremiti Islands which is a small group of islands situated only 22 kilometers off

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Alta Murgia National Park – a nature dotted with ancient sights

Alta Murgia National Park, Apulia, Italy

Located in the southern portion of Italy, Alta Murgia National Park covers a total area of 677.39 square kilometers. There are thirteen villages which surround the national park and anyone who chooses to experience the natural wonder of Alta Murgia National Park should also take the time to visit these villages as well. Near the village of Botromagno is where

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Gargano Peninsula – one of the most beautiful and most visited areas of Italy

Vieste, Gargano, Apulia, Italy

Gargano Peninsula jutting out into the Adriatic Sea, in the region of Puglia is among the most beautiful and most visited areas of Italy. The area is featured with crystal-clear sea, bays with beautiful beaches, limestone cliffs, pine groves and ancient villages with a unique atmosphere. Gargano Peninsula is situated within the province of Foggia, which is part of the

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Bari – a door of Europe to the Balkans and the Middle East

Cattedrale di San Sabino, Bari, Puglia, Italy

The port city of Bari, the capital of the province of Bari and Apulia region, is located on the Adriatic coast in southern Italy. It is still well-preserved old town with winding streets, boasting the Cathedral of San Sabino (original building dates from the 12th century). Citta Vecchia welcomes its visitors with a feeling of the special atmosphere, maze of

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