Padua (Padova)

Discover Padua, Veneto The province of Padua is located in the Veneto plains central area, among hills, lagoon, and the Alpine foothills. This Italian province offers a fascinating fusion of art, traditions, flavors and culture. A visit to this place is a unique discovery of a province extraordinarily rich in culture, history, ingenuity and vitality, characterized by a vast diversity

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Chioggia (small Venice)

chioggia veneto italy laguna veneta

Chioggia called also small Venice is a small penisula between Laguna Veneta and river Po, near to Venice. The city center is situated on a islands group through canals an bridges. Chioggia lools like Venice, but small different also because in Chioggia you can see cars and public transport. The rest of the city is situated hinterland and includes foci

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