Cavallino-Treporti is the main gateway to the historic center of Venice. Embarking from the Punta Sabbioni Terminal, with just 40 minutes by boat and run every half hour for public transport (for schedule information and navigation services, consult, you can reach Venice. The landing point is in the central heart of Venice. From here begins the discovery of what

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Chioggia (small Venice)

chioggia veneto italy laguna veneta

Chioggia called also small Venice is a small penisula between Laguna Veneta and river Po, near to Venice. The city center is situated on a islands group through canals an bridges. Chioggia lools like Venice, but small different also because in Chioggia you can see cars and public transport. The rest of the city is situated hinterland and includes foci

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All roads lead to Venice

St Mark's Square, Venice, Italy

Standing in St Mark’s Square is an unforgettable experience! It may be in the winter when the lines of the surrounding Doge’s Palace and St Mark’s Church are softened by the faint mist drifting in from the nearby water and colors are the muted pastels of the David Hamilton portrait photograph. Or it may be summer, in which case the light is bright,

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