The highest vineyard in Europe-Vigna 1350 Cortina

The highest vineyard in Europe is immersed in the natural landscape for excellence, in a location of impact unique of its kind, the Dolomites. The result of well-established passion for the land and the culture is a challenge that three personalities particulary linked to Cortina d’ Ampezzo and to the wine world launched in 2011. This way fabrizio Zardini, francesco and Federico Anaclerio Menardi have made a vineyard in Cortina, so far unusual enviroment for the wine production.

1450 vines of four varieties, Palava, Manzoni Bianco, petit Rouge and Andrè, particulary suited to the high-altitude mountain climate, have found place in “La Vera”, a sunny expanse below the suggestive Pomagagnon.

Since 2011 the vineyard has defied the adverse weather conditions, from drought to frost, the heavy snowfall of 2014 followed by a very rainy summer, but has also made possible a small harvest in 2013 from which have been obtained the first fine wines, protagonists even Vinitaly. Cortina has also the pleasure of having a wine that represents the city, that absorbs the most out of its beautiful land.

by Cortina Magazine

vigna 1350 highest vineyard in Europe

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