There’s no place like Rome: A little taste of magic!

Chocolate is one of, so if you are looking for something a little more special to give to your sweet toothed loved one this Easter, or simply as a treat for yourself (go on, you deserve it) then the Moriondo and Gariglio chocolate shop in Italy’s capital will certainly not disappoint.

Chocolate Store
Chocolate Store

Rome’s sinful indulgences

When I was in Rome earlier this year, I had the pleasure of unexpectedly stumbling across this world gem which creates indulgent treats that are almost too good to eat! Moriondo and Gariglio was everything a chocolate shop should be and much more.

The hypnotic scent of chocolate wafts through the air as soon as you step foot through the door. The room was decked with rows and rows of numerous mouthwatering chocolate creations displayed in old-fashioned glass cabinets, that will undoubtedly make you sigh like a little child! The Roman poet Trilussa dedicated several sonnets to this fairytale like shop, and you can easily see why.

Chocolate Store - 2
Chocolate Store

You will never be the same after purchasing a handful of chocolates here – each individual treat is hand wrapped in beautiful tissue paper,  as you begin to build your signature red box of delicious chocolates that are a work of art in themselves, one choice at a time.

If you are indecisive like me, and cannot decide without a taste first, then the staff are more than happy to allow you sample some on request.

Moriondo and Gariglio

The Willy Wonka of Roman chocolate was founded by two confectioner cousins (Moriondo and Gariglio) from Turin who moved to Rome after the unification of Italy and opened the shop doors to the public in 1850. Known for rich, gourmet solid dark and milk chocolate,  each of the 100+ varieties of chocolate and other types of sugary delights are all handmade onsite using only the finest cocoa beans.

The chocolates come in various flavors such as raspberry, mint, caramel and rum are just a few to name. The shop adheres strictly to family recipes passed down from generation to generation. It doesn’t just stop there! You can also find plenty of other confections in the shop such as sensational fruit jellies and delights made from the best almonds, chestnuts, and many other delightful nuts.

The unique chocolate box from Moriondo and Gariglio
The unique chocolate box from Moriondo and Gariglio

The family-run establishment can be found nestled within the quiet cobblestone streets of the city, near the Pantheon and Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. The shop is open from 9.00 am to 7.30 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Rome in Easter

With Easter fast approaching, it is crucial you get in early! Throughout the Easter period each year, the Moriondo and Gariglio chocolate shop, quite literally gets mobbed! Hot sellers at Easter in the shop of course include elaborately hand-decorated chocolate eggs that are filled with silky gianduja (a sweet hazelnut chocolate paste) as well as traditional tinfoil fish and lambs in solid dark and milk chocolate.

If you decide to visit Rome’s oldest (and arguably finest) chocolatier two days before Easter, then be prepared to join the back of the queue, as the lines stretch far out beyond the door! If however you’re a devoted chocolate guzzler like myself, then waiting patiently in the line is well worth it – after all what is Easter without melt in your mouth chocolate anyway!

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