Tignale – enjoy beautiful views of Lago di Garda

Tignale is the mountain town and one of the best places where you can enjoy beautiful views of Lago di Garda. It is a popular place among active people, nature lovers, lovers of hiking and biking.

If you are not staying in Tignale during your holidays at Lago di Garda, definitely make sure to visit this place at least as a day trip. The town is hidden high in the mountains and can be reached after several switchbacks.

Tignale, Lago di Garda, Lombardy, Italy
Tignale, Lago di Garda, Lombardy by nispi2002

The location is unique as it is in the mountains high above the lake. It is thus ideal place for all who want to spend their holiday away from mass tourism and want to see the world from above.

Views from Tignale are really unique. While located on the western shore of Lago di Garda, Tignale is also the center of agroturism and resort offering excellent food. There is enough of accommodation options and most of them offer spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Tignale - Panorama of Lago di Garda, Lombardy, Italy
Tignale – Panorama of Lago di Garda, Lombardy by MAURY54

You can find here a lot of interesting shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and even a supermarket. The dominant building nearby is Sanctuary of Montecastello, which is a destination for pilgrims and is considered a local spiritual center.

Tignale delights every active tourist or cyclist. The landscape in this area is riddled with lots of great hiking and biking trails and whether you come with a mountain bike or a road bike you will not be bored or disappointed.

Tignale - Santuario di Montecastello, Lombardy, Italy
Tignale – Santuario di Montecastello, Lombardy by MAURY54

Tignale is part of the park Alto Garda Bresciano, which protects a unique fauna and flora. Thanks to the considerable difference in height you can find here diverse species of flora and fauna, from across the Mediterranean to the mountain vegetation.

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