Valentine With Italian Traditions

Valentine day in Italy is a symbolic identity of love and is very famous among people. It is a not only day for loving partners but for everyone in the family and friends. They can be parents, siblings, friends, relatives or anyone. Italian people know the best how to manage best relationships by showing extra love and care. In the following text we will just get an over view of the valentine day, its history and its significance in Italy.

Some Highlights From Past

Valentine’s Day actually has its source in the Roman Kingdom as a vacation on Feb 14 to enjoy the King of Roman gods and actresses. The historical Romans also regarded this queen known as Juno to be the goddess of women and wedding. Another tale associated with the valentine day was that the St. Valentine was a priest who arranged marriage of love couples during World War II that was prohibited at that time. When this truth was revealed he was imprisoned and put to death on 14th February.

Love by linh tinh

Valentine Festivities In Italy

To enjoy this lovers’ vacation Italians give each other blossoms, arrange loving meals and present each other sweets. The well known French candy is prepared with respect to this day and is packed in a red wrapper. The hazelnut and red cherry filled candy is very delicious in flavor.  Malls are decorated while free presents are also distributed in the small town of Italy on the day. People love to go out and enjoy many of the regional resorts offers and the dining places.

Theaters To Tell Legends

There are different theater groups that are displaying different shows in accordance to valentine day. A huge number of tourists as well as local citizens come to amuse by them. Every age group can enjoy the performances depicting the ancient love tales and legends.

Grant Firework

Tourists love to see the grand firework show displayed at the valentine night. It looks amazing and motivates the spirit of the love birds to welcome another day of love, care and full of attentions for each other. These inspirations help them to achieve maximum fun with each other and also in the company of those who they love and care much.

Best Gifts In Italy For Love Birds

Depending upon the age and interest Italy has best collection of gifts to give each other on the valentine day. Perfumes, chocolates, valentine cards, watches, red roses, valentine mugs each and everything is here in its huge decorated shopping malls to value every tourist. Gifts are the best presentation of love and care that you used to show for others. So be out to get the best for your lover to surprise her or him for a while.

Be Romantic At The Dinner

Italian food is considered one of the best foods in the world. Tourist and food lover love to have it with their sweet hearts at the magnificent food points all around the city. So better to get romantic over the dinner and tell her what is there in your mind.

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