Why Sailing In Italy Is The Only Way To Travel

Picture the scene: you’ve anchored your yacht just off the island of Capri and the sun is setting on yet another perfect day in the Bay of Naples. Tomorrow promises intrigue and adventure as you’re going to explore on land amongst the relics of Pompeii however, for this evening, you have a dinner date in Sorrento and that freshly caught seafood grill isn’t going to eat itself.

Yacht in Italy
Photo by Frank Bättermann

Sailing in Italy is as close to perfection as you dare to imagine and from Sardinia to Sicily as soon as you get your sea legs or, alternatively, let a crew take the strain, then you’ll be in for a treat like no other.

The combination of Mediterranean sunshine, the laid back Italian lifestyle and, of course, the gastronomic delights, ensure all of your wishes can come true and once you incorporate the gentle bobbing of yacht on water then you know that sailing in Italy is the only way to travel.

If you’re still not convinced then check out the points below which are guaranteed to kindle even the tiniest glimmer of a smile and if you’re lucky enough to be booking your next sailing holiday then I’ll bid you buon viaggio until we meet again.


The gentle breeze flitting across the deck of your yacht will leave you in no doubt as to how life should be and as you lay back and envelope yourself in a good book, relaxation is sure to follow. There’s just something about being afloat that provides instant therapy from the modern world and if you’re sailing in Italy then you’re guaranteed double relaxation points.

Sailing around Elba, Italy
Sailing around Elba, Italy by magnetismus


Life on the ocean takes you away from most elements of technology and even if you enjoy watching the twinkling lights appearing along the shore at dusk, sailing evokes a natural sense of calm hardly ever matched by other modes of transport. Marine life, sea birds and unexplored areas of wilderness close to the shore all help to add to a completely natural experience.


Italy is, of course, renowned for its food and drink so chances to anchor near a sleepy seaside village or fishing port will enable you to stock up on supplies or taste the incredible dishes served on land. Freshly caught and grilled seafood, homemade pasta and tomato sauce or meatballs on spaghetti, you name it and there’s a wine to go with it.

Photo by Julo (Travel via Italy)


Being on-board a yacht is an intimate affair so make sure you choose your cabin buddies wisely. Of course, if you’re sailing around Italy then you’ll soon get caught up in the friendly and warm invites of the locals and a few ‘ciaos’ and ‘buon giorno’s and you’ll be well away. Chat, drink, eat and have fun because sailing in Italy can be as social as you’re prepared to make it.


The Bay of Naples, in particular, is filled with some extraordinary sights and from the winding lemon groves of Sorrento to the bustling city streets of Naples, finding the correct moorings and spending a night on dry land is an excellent option for sailors. Aside from the Bay of Naples, islands, such as: Sicily, offer equally attractive places of interest and if you’re ever in Sicily, admiring Mount Etna, then make sure you try the cannoli as it’s simply to die for.

Capri, Bay of Naples, Italy
Capri, Bay of Naples, Italy by Elliott Brown

Wherever you intend to sail in Italy, one thing is for sure, you won’t regret it. This is a fabulous country and sailing is an awesome way to travel so all you have to do is jump on board and start living the dolce vita.

Biog: Chris is a keen sailor and lived in Italy from 2000 – 2003 whilst working on a campsite in Tuscany – not much sailing but lots of love! Article was written for moorings.co.uk, a provider of Yacht Charter and Sailboat Rental Company – Sailing Vacations.

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