A Honeymoon Vacation in Italy

The honeymoon vacation is one very special moment for every newly married couple’s life. It is the first trip of two people as officially being a family and usually happens once. Of course for somebody who has married more than one time it can repeat but the first honeymoon trip is very important and a person will always remember it.

Venice, Veneto, Italy
Gondolas in Venice, Italy by Saffron Blaze

No one would like something unpleasant to happen in this special trip, so it has to be planned very carefully and to do good research for the place you are going to visit. Thus you will probably escape unpleasant surprises.

It is good idea to choose something that is visited by friends and has proven over the years like Paris for example. But in case you do not want to be so predictable, you can go with other choices too. One very romantic destination can be Italy as well and you will never be wrong to go there.

Before you start to draw the route for your Italian trip let say few words about honeymoon trips. It is widely spread that this tradition began back in the British Empire and was borrowed from the Indian Elite. The main idea was for a bridal trip of the newly married two, who often accompanied by close friends or family will pay a visit to those who were not able to attend to their wedding, and present the new family. With the time it started to conflict the primal idea for the honeymoon which was supposed to be the first moment of privacy of the husband and wife when they are supposed to start knowing each other better. That easily explains why the trips lasted for month and more in the past.

Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Florence, Tuscany, Italy by echiner1

In the beginning of the 20th century the honeymoons were some of the first forms of the mass tourism, which primal destinations were the French Riviera and Italy. The tradition usually sends the newly married couple for catching a late train or ship at the midnight after the wedding reception.

Today the things are much different and are done differently for every couple. The only part left in common for all periods of the honeymoon is the romance.

Specialists in honeymoon planning recommend not staying on one place for the whole time of the trip. The well developed infrastructure in almost every part of Europe and especially Italy allows travelling from place to place with a rented car and enjoying small places and spots that you will probably never see when taking part in professionally guided tour.

Good point to start the trip is Venice – one of the most romantic cities in Italy. The town is spread over more than one hundred and ten small islands connected with water channels. The gondolas will take you to any part of the city while the singers are performing their love songs for you. The only problem you will probably meet is the crowd. As a popular destination the city welcomes approximately twenty thousand new tourists every day which makes things really difficult sometimes.

Positano at dusk, Amalfi coast-Campania, Italy
Positano at dusk, Amalfi coast, Campania, Italy by hozinja

Florence is another great place to go to. Here you will enjoy nice museums and cultural events, as well as many architectural masterpieces. You can head straight to the Amalfi coast. It is very interesting with its long history and is even included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site for this.

The island of Capri is one great end to such a romantic period of your life. The place will offer dozen of interesting places and events that will cheer you in every part of the year.

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