Agrigento – well-preserved Greek temples in Sicily

The city of Agrigento is located on the southwestern coast of Sicily and has 57,000 inhabitants. It is mainly famous for its well-preserved Greek temples.

Agrigento is composed of two separate parts. The first is the city itself, characterized by narrow streets, old stone houses and many shops and bars. This town stands on a steep hill and is mostly medieval.

Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
Temple of Concordia – Agrigento by Chiara Marra

Streets rising up to the summit, where is the towering cathedral which was built by the Normans. At the terrace around the cathedral you have the whole city at your fingertips and can enjoy breathtaking views over the nearby sea.

The second part, called the Valle dei Templi (Valley of the Temples), is an extensive area of ​​ancient excavations including the remains of several unique ancient temples.

Temple of Concordia - Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
Temple of Concordia – Agrigento, Sicily by Evan Erickson

Those are the Temple of Heracles, Temple of Juno, Temple of Concordia, Temple of Zeus Olympic, Temple of Castor and Pollux, Temple of Vulcan and Temple of Asclepius. They were built around 5th centrury BC.

Agrigento, Sicily, Italy 2
Temple of Juno – Agrigento by Richard Leeming

The most famous is probably Temple of Zeus Olympic, which was planned to be the largest temple at all, but has never been completed.

It also became famous thanks to Atlantes figures (you can see them on the site of the temple and in the museum). All temples in this area are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Remains of the Temple of Heracles, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
Remains of the Temple of Heracles, Agrigento by pjt56

Just a short walk from the city and from archaeological sites is yet another (separate) part – Porto Empedocle.

The city of Agrigento, however, does not offer any significant sights itself, but you’ll find a nice long sea beaches here.

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