Albarella – a luxury private island at the south of Venice

Safety and luxury are the main attractions of this exclusive location. Albarella (L’isola di Albarella) is a luxury private island, located about 1 hour south of Venice.

The island is 5 km long and 1.5 km wide, to the mainland it is connected by a causeway. Entrance is allowed only for inhabitants of the island, so it is really very safe island and can offer very quiet staying. It is ideal for family holidays or for those looking for quietness and relaxation.

L'isola di Albarella, Veneto, Italy
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Well in fact it is more of a luxury resort, so there are lots of entertainment and leisure activities available for people of all ages and interest categories. An indisputable advantage of this island is that the majority of the area is covered with trees of many species that provide the necessary shade during the hot summer.

The island also boasts an excellent 18-hole golf course with a size of 70 hectares situated in the countryside. It was created in 1972 by the English architect John Harris.

L'isola di Albarella, Veneto, Italy 2
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In an effort to preserve the nature and environment on the island, car traffic is heavily restricted here. As an alternative you can ride a bike. The island of Albarella is also protected by regional park of the Po Delta known locally as Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Po, in which the island is situated.

Staying in Albarella is really undisturbed. Along with safety and beauty of the island and the local environment is now one of the most stylish family centres in the Adriatic Sea.

Delta del Po sunset, Veneto, Italy
Delta del Po sunset, Veneto by Barbara

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