Italian Language

Italian language

The official language is Italian belonging to a group of Romance languages, but in the most tourist centres they speak English and German without any problems. Every Italian, however, will be delighted to hear that you understand a few basic Italian words and phrases. They begin to treat you differently just because they see that you are interested in their

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Public holidays in Italy

Festa della Repubblica, Italian holidays

In these days used to be closed state industrial enterprises, offices, shops and other services: 1st January – New Year’s Day (Capodanno) 6th January – Epiphany (Epifania) 25th April – Anniversary of Liberation (Anniversario della Liberazione) 1st May – International Workers’ Day (Festa del Lavoro or Festa dei Lavoratori) 2nd June – Foundation of the Italian Republic (Festa della Repubblica)

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Health care

Ambulance, Italy

Like before traveling to any other country even before traveling to Italy, make sure that your insurance is valid also here. It’s good to be covered by travel insurance, especially medical expenses and repatriation expenses. Free medical care is provided within the first aid at public health facilities. Further treatment in hospitals is only provided for an additional fee ranging

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When is the best time to visit Italy

Italy, Pisa

While seaside resorts are bursting at the seams especially in the hot summer months, a good time for visiting any of Italian cities or historical sites is any time throughout the whole year. The greatest peace in Italian cities you encounter during the summer, especially in August, as local residents are moving to the sea to escape the unbearable heat of the sun. Lots of hotels in cities thus offer accommodation in very good prices, contrary to the coastal ones, where prices for rooms are up to four times higher

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