Avellino – town in the middle of great nature

Avellino, with 57 000 inhabitants, is a town situated east of the city of Napoli (Naples), in Campania region. It lies above the green valley of the river Sabato and is surrounded by Picentini mountains, Partenio Nature Park and Avella Mountains.

Due to reconstructions after numerous earthquakes it is now mostly a modern city. However it still boasts many cultural and archaeological heritage. On the Piazza Castello (Castle Square), you can see the remains of a castle.

Avellino, Campania, Italy
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Daniel Jünger

The most complete and best preserved monument is certainly Avellino cathedral with Romanesque crypt, which stands on the site of the rich and famous Roman villa built in 129 BC and destroyed by the explosion of Mount Vesuvius and the earthquake in 146. Another destruction came in 1943 when the historic monuments were severely damaged by air raids of British bombers.

Avellino Cathedral, Campania, Italy
Avellino Cathedral, Campania by Daniel Jünger

Tourists are coming to this region especially for the beauty of nature, but also to discover archaeological sites. Among the most popular targets include the Montevergine sanctuary and San Gerardo Maiella sanctuary.

From the mentioned archaeological sites are most famous Avella and Eclano. Not far from a town, about 4 kilometers to the east, you can see the remains of the original settlement – the ancient Abellinum, through which you can walk with a guide and enjoy the atmosphere of the life before Christ.

From the natural beauties of the surrounding it is good to mention lake Lago Laceno, which lies in the mountains, southeast of Avellino. Especially sunsets offer wonderful experiences here.

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