Best Skiing Resorts in Italy For Terrain Parks

Similar to skate parks, terrain parks are outdoor recreational zones comprising of terrains to enable snowboarders, skiers as well as snow bikers to perform some impressive tricks while enjoying their favorite winter sport.

To partake and enjoy this fascinating element of skiing and snowboarding, it is important to choose locations that has the right infrastructures. And below are some of the locations you can find some of the best skiing resorts in Italy for terrain parks.

Livigno Terrain Parks

This remote village close to the Swiss border is nicknamed Little Tibet and has some of the best areas for beginners and low-intermediates. Livigno has to its name, several terrain parks for its visitor’s winter sporting pleasures.

Snowboarding in Livigno, Lombardy, Italy
Snowboarding in Livigno, Lombardy by Daniela Vladimirova

The main one is on the Mottolino and has a super-pipe as well as kickers to suit guests of various levels. Also available at the park are rails and an airbag to help participants in perfecting their tricks.

At the Carosello is another main park that is more suitable for intermediate skiers. Like Mottolino, it has rails, large airbags, table tops, as well as a boarder crossing course.

The American terrain park close to the Carosello gondola, as well as the Del Sol terrain park which is close to the center of town is more suitable for children and beginners.

Carosello, Livigno, Lombardy, Italy
Carosello, Livigno, Lombardy by caccamo

There is also the Cable Park on the Costaccia side that is close to lift 20. This park features an assortment of rails, boxes and jumps for varying degree of difficulty. It is a must to wear a helmet when visiting this park. The park features a special cable lift that can pull you from the top of the park to the bottom.

Apart from having several terrain parks, Livigno is also a great resort for visitors on a tight budget as it has a special tax status that removes VAT from several things you’ll buy such as drinks, gasoline and consumer items. This tax status dating back to the Napoleonic times makes it the most inexpensive place to shop in Europe.

Bardonecchia Terrain Park

Another one of the best skiing resorts in Italy for terrain parks is the huge Snowpark in Bardonecchia. It was host to the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics snowboarding events and is divided in 5 zones according to the difficulty of the jumps and landscapes.

Bardonecchia, Piedmont, Italy
Bardonecchia, Piedmont by

Cervinia Terrain Park

Cervinia has one of the best skiing resorts in Italy for terrain parks. The Indian Park in Cervinia is considered to be of the best in Italy and is about 400m long and over 100m wide.

Featuring great rails and kickers for all levels of snowboarders and freestylers, it is undoubted a terrain park lovers paradise. For those who love to have more fun after their skiing adventure, daily tribe parties with music and fun events are part of the entertainment available to enjoy the nightlife in the town.

There is a second terrain park known as the Cervinia Cool Park and it’s popular for snowboarding and ski crossing. It is an ideal park for beginners and children.

Cervinia, Aosta, Italy
Cervinia, Aosta by Matteo Galli

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