Bibione – important seaside and spa resort with thermal water

In the northern part of Italy, lies one of the most famous summer resorts in the country. Bibione is famous for a long sandy beaches, ubiquitous greenery, excellent amenities and quality infrastructure. For many years, it has become a popular holiday destination not only for families with children. You can also find there fun lovers and romantics.

Bibione is located east of Venice, in the province of Veneto and because it is surrounded by water all around, commemorates the island. To the west is the mouth of the river Tagliamento, to the south is the Adriatic Sea and to the northeast is channel Lugugnana bordering with the valleys of Val Tessina and Val Grande. Bibione offers an attractive combination of natural beauty, entertainment and history.

Bibione Beach, Venetto, Italy
Bibione Beach, Venetto, Italy by Remus Pereni

However about 60 years ago these places didn’t look attractive, the area was relatively inhospitable corner on the Italian coast. The area slowly began to develop in 1989 when started real construction boom. Hotels, pensions, apartments and restaurants grew up here like mushrooms after the rain. Since the prices were very low in the beginning, it attracted first visitors especially from Czechoslovakia, Poland, Germany and Hungary just after the falling of the Communist Bloc‎.

Bibione is part of the Venetian Riviera, where you can find more famous seaside resorts. Bibione itself is divided into four parts – Lido del Sole, Lido del Pini, Spiaggia and Pineda. Each part is specific, Lido del Sole is a peaceful area of ​​Bibione, not like Spiagga where are lots of discos, restaurants, bars and shopping promenade, while in Lido del Pini is a lighthouse, and Pineda offers family houses and independent villas.

Hotel in Bibione, Venetto, Italy
Hotel in Bibione, Venetto, Italy by Thiemo Gillissen

The biggest attraction of Bibione is about 8 kilometer sandy beach (the total length of the coastline is 10.4 km), one of the most extensive in all of Italy. It has only a very gradual declivity into the sea, making it ideal for families with children. The sea is crystal clear at these places and the water has great medicinal effects, thanks to its high iodine and salt content. The beach is clean, regularly maintained with highest service quality. There are sun loungers, chairs and umbrellas. On the beach there are also showers, toilets, cloak rooms and first aid. There are various animation programs, you can play football, volleyball, basketball and various beach sports. On the beach there are also sports equipment rentals and water sports centres. You can try windsurfing, kiting, sailing, water skiing and much more. On around 200 metres wide beach it is really not a problem to find your private place in spite of large number of visitors.

Bibione is surrounded with lagoons, forests and pine groves that are home to many species of animals. Bibione is also an important spa resort since 1996, featuring outdoor and indoor thermal pools. The resort is therefore ideal for year round holidays.

The accommodation is offered in a number of quality hotels and residences at a reasonable price. For children there is a fun park with lots of attractions and for sport lovers there are bike or inline skates rental services. The resort and its surroundings have several marked trails for mountain bikes or roller skates. For example, from Bibione to Caorle leads the bike path which is 58 kilometres long.

Bibione offers a great location that makes it an ideal base for exploring the historic and natural beauty of northern Italy. For example, you can go to romantic Venice, charming Verona, visit the charming port of Trieste with its Miramare castle or explore marshy areas of Val Grande and Val Tessina.

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