Caorle – thousand years old Little Venice

Caorle is located 70 km northeast of Venice. It belongs to the most popular resorts of northern Adriatic coast. Caorle, due to its thousand-year old history when its ancient streets were still under the sea water, is also known as Little Venice.

In addition to sandy beaches, gently sloping into the sea, Caorle also offers a number of historical monuments, such as the Romanesque cathedral and cylindrical belfry. Unique is also a natural cliff carved by artists from around the world.

Caorle, Veneto, Italy
Belfry of Caorle, Veneto, Italy by S. Heim

Caorle is now divided into three separate areas – Caorle, Porto Santa Margherita and Caorle Lido Altanea. The first part, Caorle is a two thousand year old historical center and includes marina and aqua park. Porto Santa Margherita is much newer part of the resort, which is separated by the river Livenza from the historic core.

It is a modern, pleasant area with long beaches offering all services in the highest quality. The last one, Caorle Altanea was built from scratch. It is luxurious residential area, where at the same time are the most luxurious hotels.

Evening stroll in Caorle, Veneto, Italy
Evening stroll in Caorle, Veneto by dmytrok

Caorle, together with adjacent Bibione is an ideal place for family holidays. There are plenty of playgrounds here, lots of attractions, including water slides and amusement parks. In addition, you can get on a small train that passes through the city.

A tour around the coast can be done by a boat, which is a great experience especially in the late evening when you can admire the wonderful scenery – illuminated Caorle.

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