Destructive Tornado in Venice Video & Pictures – Tornado in provincia di Venezia: Dolo, Mira, Cazzago

Yesterday, 8 July 2015, after many days of  big heat, a destructive tornado of 270 / 300 Km/h struck in Venice province, Dolo, Mira, Cazzago. The result at now is 1 dead and 20 wounded, 3 of them in serious condition. Also the hailstones big like apricots, contribuited to the devastation of  Venice province. 100 displaced spent the night to friends and kindred. The victim was in his car, when a strong gust of wind did turn the car in a field. Many felled trees and pylons, roofs of houses roofless. Look the video inside the Tornado:  Inside Tornado Video 

tornado venice video

tornado venice video

tornado venice 2

tromba d'aria venezia


tornado venezia

tromba d'aria venezia 2

tornado venice

tornado in venice

tornado in venice 2

tornado in venice 2015

tornado venice 2015 08 07

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