Dolomiti Superski – unforgettable skiing experience – 1200 km of ski slopes

Do you long for unforgettable skiing experience? Do you want to enjoy the perfect winter vacation amidst unspoiled nature? Then try to go to Northern Italian province of Trentino, which is proudly considered a real paradise for winter sports. Why? It is a place where you can find a large ski area called Dolomiti Superski, which is ideal for both beginners and experienced skiers.

Because of its great size and also because of the beautiful natural scenery Dolomiti Superski is a number one of all ski regions not only in Italy but throughout the whole Europe. While skiing it is possible to admire the majestic sun-drenched peaks.

Dolomiti Superski, Italy
Dolomiti Superski, Italy by timitalia

A Queen of the whole area is a mountain massive Marmolada, which is, with its height of 3342 meters above sea level, the highest mountain in the Dolomites. Dolomiti Superski is simply a mecca of every passionate skier and staying in the heart of the mountains has its own unique atmosphere.

The area is made up of a total of 12 alpine ski resorts that offer visitors a perfect services. Skiers can purchase here a local ski pass for each resort separately, but much better is to get a pass that is valid for the whole area of Dolomiti Superski, and enjoy skiing in all 12 ski areas.

This pass then allows you to enjoy more than 1200 km of snowy and perfectly groomed slopes. There is an excellent technical background in the form of 420 lifts and an excellent snow-making system to ensure best skiing conditions even when there are some dry days. All slopes are always well maintained and clearly marked.

Sella Ronda ski circuit comprising of 280 pistes with a total length of 410 km is considered to be a real skiing paradise. Dolomiti Superski is also ideal for snowboarders and cross-country skiers who can enjoy 1,177 kilometres of groomed trails here. However you can also try some of the other winter pleasures that are available here, such as skating or snowmobiling.

Cross-country skiing, Passo Lavazè, Dolomiti Superski, Italy
Cross-country skiing, Passo Lavazè, Dolomiti Superski, Italy by Pietro Zanarini

Ski areas in Dolomiti Superski:

1. Cortina d’Ampezzo (1,224 – 3,130 m)

Cortina d’Ampezzo ski resort is situated in the Valle d’Ampezzo, near the northeast border with Austria. It offers skiing on 140 km of pistes served by 51 lifts. This centre, where you can ski until May, was in the past the venue for the Winter Olympic Games.

It is particularly popular for its diversity and home to groomed trails and open slopes of all levels, suitable both for beginners and advanced skiers. A total of 73 kilometres in Cortina are reserved for cross-country skiers. Lovers of extreme sports can go to one of the sled trails, or try an Olympic bobsled track with a speed of around 75 km/h. Cortina d’Ampezzo has all you need for a well-spent skiing and winter holidays.

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Dolomiti Superski, Italy
Cortina d’Ampezzo, Dolomiti Superski, Italy by Manuel Bierbauer

2. Plan de Corones – Kronplatz (953 – 2,275 m)

Kronplatz is another one that is also very popular among ski resorts of Dolomiti Superski. It has more than 100 km of ski slopes of all levels. This ski paradise offers well groomed slopes leading from the great mountain of Concordia, which rises to a height of 2,275 meters above sea level.

Here you can enjoy long runs from the top of the mountain, medium and very difficult tracks with a height difference of up to 1300 meters. Quality snowmaking system covers 100% of ski slopes. 210 km of groomed trails are prepared for the cross-country skiers.

3. Alta Badia (1,433 – 2,200 m)

Alta Badia is considered to be the most beautiful Dolomiti Superski resort, which is a part of Sella Ronda along with 3 other ski resorts. In total there are about 130 km of perfectly groomed slopes and trails, 40 of which are artificially snowed.

Since the majority of the slopes are ranked as blue, this resort is more suitable for beginners or families with children. Here you have the opportunity to try the slalom riding on a slope in La Ville, where World Cup races take place every year. In Alta Badia you can also find a snowpark and 35 kilometres of cross-country trails.

Alta Badia, Dolomiti Superski, taly
Alta Badia, Dolomiti Superski, taly by Serge

4. Val Gardena – Gröden / Alpe di Siusi – Seiser Alm (1,060 – 2,518 m)

Val Gardena is considered one of the most luxurious resorts not only in the Dolomites, but also in the whole of Italy. It also boasts the term “Best ski resort in the world”. It is also a part of the Sella Ronda and provides fantastic skiing in the middle of the mountains which is available till late spring.

Val Gardena is a home to the Dolomites’ longest giant slalom – a track called Gardenissima. There are challenging black pistes here, but also red and blue slopes in total of 175 km of tracks. Cross-country skiers can enjoy 102 km of trails spread over different parts of Val Gardena / Alpe di Suisi. Even lovers of sledding will be pleased with specially groomed slopes.

Val Gardena, Dolomiti Superski, Italy
Val Gardena, Dolomiti Superski, Italy by Pietro Zanarini

5. Val di Fassa e Carezza (1,300 – 2,950 m)

In the heart of Trentino’s Dolomites you can find renowned ski resort Val di Fassa shich is situated just below the Gruppo del Sella massif. This area is formed by several separate villages and ski resorts. The most visited of them are modern resorts Col Rodella, Ciampac and Belvedere. Val di Fassa is also a part of the well-known ski area Sella Ronda.

In addition to 120 km of slopes there are also 70 km of cross-country trails. Fans of the sport will certainly like the opportunity to try the parts of popular Cross-Country Ski Race Marcialonga, which competition is held each year in January.

Gruppo del Sella, Dolomiti Superski, Italy
Gruppo del Sella, Dolomiti Superski, Italy by Dmitry A. Mottl

6. Arabba / Malga Ciapela – Marmolada (1,446 – 3,326 m)

Another leader among the world’s ski resorts, the Center Arraba / Marmolada offers 62 km of ski slopes. The dominant feature of the area is Marmolada mountain reaching a height of 3,342 meters above sea level. Mountain is covered by the glacier oriented to the north, making it possible to go skiing here even during the spring.

From the top of Marmolada leads 12 km long red downhill track Pista Bellunesi with a height difference of 1,800 meters, and ends in the beautiful mountain town of Malga Ciapela. You can get back to the top by recently refurbished cable car. There are total of 23 high-capacity cable-cars in this area. Arraba / Marmolada slopes are mostly of medium and high difficulty, and the quality will satisfy even the most demanding skiers. There are also several race slopes belonging to the most difficult ones for skiing in the Italian Dolomites.

7. Alta Pusteria – Hochpusteral (1,130 – 2,205 m)

Alta Pusteria – Hochpusteral boasts a superbly landscape and well maintained tracks in all three quality ski resorts – Monte Elmo / Helm, Croda Rossa and Baranci. A total of 52 km of pistes and 200 km of cross-country ski trails will delight all ski enthusiasts.

Monte Elmo is the most visited ski resort in the area that offers such delicacies as adrenaline black run from the top of Monte Elmo. The area around Alta Pusteria / Hochpustertal is attractive for its beautiful countryside, picturesque towns and idyllic mountain villages.

Alta Pusteria, Dolomiti Superski, Italy
Alta Pusteria, Dolomiti Superski, Italy by Franco Pecchio

8. Val di Fiemme / Obereggen (860 – 2,415 m)

Very popular area in the Italian Dolomites is also Val di Fiemme, comprising of several smaller ski resorts. They offer a total of about 100 km of ski slopes suitable for children and beginners as well as advanced skiers but also for ski fanatics looking for adrenaline black slopes. Beginners will appreciate the ski area Bellamonte – Alpe Lusia or Ski Center Latemar, while the advanced skiers should try the 6 km long steep slope Olimpia on the Alpe Cermis.

Skiing in this area is available also out of the season thanks to the powerful artificial snow system. For lovers of cross-country skiing there are about 150 km of trails and the site is ideal also for snowboarding fans, who will find here series of well-prepared tracks.

9. San Martino di Castrozza / Passo Rolle – Pass (1,404 – 2,357 m)

San Martino di Castrozza is a traditional centre of winter sports. It is divided into three areas – Alpe Tognola, Passo Rolle and Col Verde. In total there are 60 km of slopes of all levels. The slopes are wide, well-groomed, and usually not over crowded.

One of the popular tracks include Scandola della Tognola in the resort of Passo Tognola, or several difficult trails in the Col Verde. If you go to Passo Rolle, you will be able to enjoy beautiful, sun-lit panorama of the Dolomites.

Passo Rolle, Dolomites, Italy
Passo Rolle, Dolomites, Italy by Franco Pecchio

10. Valle Isarco – Eisacktal (777 – 2,512 m)

A total of 85 km of ski slopes offers Isarco center, which is perfectly accessible from the Brenner highway. There are pistes of all levels, with excellent snow conditions throughout the winter season. The area is dominated by 2,465 m high mountain Plose, of which the most well known and with its 9 km also the longest ski run of Southern Tyrol is a slope Trametsch.

All slopes are serviced by modern handling equipment with huge and fast transport capacity. Isarco is also popular for its affordability, not only skiing, but also any additional services here are at affordable prices.

11. Tre Valli (1,190 – 2,517 m)

On the southern side of the Marmolada is Tre Valli centre, ideal especially for carving skiers. Tre Valli consists of three small ski resorts – Moena-Alpe Lusia, Passo San Pellegrino and Falcade, which together offer 89 km of slopes of various difficulty. Passo San Pellegrino and Falcade are interconnected and offers quality skiing on the ski slopes suitable for beginners and advanced skiers.

The most popular is the 10 km long downhill slope leading from the top of the Col Margherita. Moena-Alpe Luisa is a separate ski area, where visitors can expect such a sharp black line falling from the top of Le Cune to the picturesque village of Moena. Area of Tre Valli is also attractive for its network of modern, fast and comfortable high-capacity chairlifts.

Passo San Pellegrino, Dolomiti Superski, Italy
Passo San Pellegrino, Dolomiti Superski, Italy by Pietro Zanarini

12. Civetta (1,000 – 2,100 m)

Wonderful skiing, beautiful landscapes, cozy hotels and romantic atmosphere. That’s the last ski area of Dolomiti Superski – Civetta. There are 80 km of ski runs served by 25 lifts, which are surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Italian Dolomites. Skiing under the majestic peaks of Monte Civetta and Monte Pelmo, with breathtaking views of Lake Alleghe.

Civetta offers great skiing for beginners to elite skiers. Pian del Crep is a black slope that is very popular among advanced skiers. Beginners will appreciate the skiing with plenty of space in the vast ski slopes featured with the sun. Thanks to a great system of artificial snow, there are excellent skiing conditions from December up to Easter.

Civetta, Dolomites, Italy
Civetta, Dolomites, Italy by Conan

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