Exploring the magnificent beaches of Italy

The marvelous country of Italy possesses huge range of tourist attractions that can captivate your heart and force you to explore the place more to satisfy your craving.

For tourists who love to dwell in the beauty of blue waters and sandy beaches around the seasons would prefer Italy as most desired place to visit. The breath taking views and well managed coastal spots would drive you to cherish all the scrumptious beaches through the Italy.

Mondello Beach

The capital of Sicily, Palermo provides the golden chance to experience the exciting attractions of the town along with 2 kilometers of incredible beach – Mondello Beach. The distance of 11 kilometers from the Palermo would seem so minor while travelling through the bus for this exuberant place.

You would find the natives marking the site as “noble and popular,” that is true to its core. The ideal spot to surf around and absorb the soothing warmth of glowing sun makes the vacation a life time experience.

Fresh and crisp fish on the side bars of beach restaurants attracts the visitors for lip-smacking treat with local flavors of cooking such as tempting sea urchins and amberjacks roasted with almonds.

Mondello beach, Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Mondello beach, Palermo, Sicily

Isola Bella Beach

The most striking and well-liked beach of Sicily is situated at the graceful city of Taormina, can be reached through the airport of Catania with a drive of ferry. The Isola Bella beach can turn your holiday enjoyments to manifolds as it brings the blend of stunning architecture, shiny beaches to have tranquil vacation.

You would be mesmerized to discover a small island attached to the beach alongside the alluring tranquil emerald waters invites the spectators to plunge in, sunbathe plus snorkeling for rejoicing the ultimate beauty. Not only the beach of this town is enticing but also the town itself possesses the shimmering white houses beside grandiose prehistoric Greek theater.

The food attractions of this village entails Chemi pastry famous for its almond-paste cakes and candied orange peels, In addition to Fusion Bar at La Plage Resort awesome for beach cocktails, alternatively you can also cherish the customary dishes at Baia delle Sirene the best bistro of the town.

Isola Bella Bay, Taormina, Sicily, Italy
Isola Bella Bay, Taormina, Sicily by Przemyslaw “Blueshade” Idzkiewicz

Torre Guaceto, Puglia

All around the Italy, beaches are managed in a strict way to maintain the natural glory, which may be a little distressing for the visitors who love to explore the place by themselves. But the wonderful natural reserve and cosseted nautical region offers appealing option to enjoy the beach liberty by indulging in beach activities.

Serranova visitor centre is the right place to contact for the travelling details and reservations. The soothing sandy beaches induce the tourist to have long sunbathe while enjoying the cocktails and reading favorite book. Other stirring activities that you can carry out are scuba diving and swimming over reefs of corals and sea grass.

Torre Guaceto Beach, Puglia, Italy
Torre Guaceto Beach, Puglia by digitaluke

Maratea, Basilicata

Some matchless beaches of the whole region of Basilicata can be found through the coastal area of Tyrrhenian. The most ravishing elements of this coastal shore is lofty steep cliffs expanding over the hard bays creating a remarkable effect.

The sheer natural untouched beauty of these beaches attracts thousands of visitors around the summer season. Even the beaches are less developed and renovated but you will surely witness the sign boards to help you. These coastal areas are so mesmerizing that it invokes the adventurous side of you making you to endeavor the more than 50 caves and less visited places of the beach.

Maratea beach, Basilicata, Italy
Maratea beach, Basilicata by Clarita82

Chiaia di Luna Beach (Ponza Island), Lazio

This awesome place is considered to be the most favored holiday spot of loads of Romans. Reachable by the ferries to Anzio and Formia from where you can take train to travel. As the name depicts the lunar impression of Ponza island beach makes it striking tourist attraction.

The most exciting elements of this beach entails creeks and caves, cliffs and rocks in addition to close by charismatic island of Zannone. If you love to have guided tour of the bay, you can easily find a boat from the port to cherish the utmost beauty of the shores.

Further temptations of this place are fascinating nightlife along with ideal spots like sensational Bar Tripoli to sightseeing the elites of town. Indulge in disco craze or sea food eatry at the alluring bars and restaurants such as Bellavista and open-air Covo Nord Est disco etc.

Chiaia di Luna Beach, Ponza Island, Lazio, Italy
Chiaia di Luna Beach, Ponza Island, Lazio by Luca

Final Though: All these pleasant spots of tourism are worth to see, relish and save as wall canvas printing of natural beauties these places entail. Make your upcoming vacations unforgettable by planning a visit to one of above mentioned beaches with precious folks.

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