Health care

Like before traveling to any other country even before traveling to Italy, make sure that your insurance is valid also here. It’s good to be covered by travel insurance, especially medical expenses and repatriation expenses. Free medical care is provided within the first aid at public health facilities. Further treatment in hospitals is only provided for an additional fee ranging from €300 per day, according to the type of facilities and care provided.

Pharmacies in Italy are marked with a green cross, if you need a doctor or dentist and do not know where they are in your area, you can contact your hotel or information center.

Ambulance, Italy
Ambulance, Italy by Luca Prioli

Most health problems in Italy are caused by a sun and mosquitoes during the summer, and ski accidents in winter.

Tap water is potable throughout Italy, but may be marked as ACQUA NON POTABILE in the case if it is not.

To protect your health, follow the drinking regime and adequately protect your body from sunlight, especially during the summer months you should use quality sunscreen and sunglasses. Another good protection is a headgear.

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