Italian Festivals and Events in July

The month of July sees the people of Italy celebrate quite a number of festivals important and dear to them. Consequently, just as the events and festivals are dear to the people, the month of July is also exclusively prominent. Many of the Italian events and festivals that take place in July also seem to have a common feature in them, and an interesting one at that.

Here is a comprehensive record of the Italian Festivals and events in July.

Il Palio Di Siena

This is among the earliest festivals that are usually celebrated in July. It takes place on July 2 and August 16 as well. It is an inarguably exceptional and popular horse race, and reserved seats consequently sell out early. You can however always find a spot around the venue to get a view of the explosive action. In addition to the horse races, you also get to enjoy a parade of people in all sorts of oddly catchy medieval costumes.

Palio Di Siena, Tuscany, Italy
Palio Di Siena by Janus Kinase

Festa Della Madonna Bruna

This is quite a unique event in many ways. For starters, it also takes place on July 2 but is unique to the town of Matera. The town itself is an interesting place as it is characterized by cave dwellings.

The event sees a spectacularly huge float of the Madonna Bruna get paraded through the town. After the procession, the nicely put statue becomes the object of wrath as people set out tearing it to pieces. To crown it all, a spectacular firework follows, marking the end of a spectacular event.

Fireworks during Festa Della Madonna Bruna
Fireworks during Festa Della Madonna Bruna by Fiore Silvestro Barbato

U Fistinu of Saint Rosalia

This is among Sicily’s biggest festivals. It is held in Palermo and is basically a procession of hundreds of people carrying a 50 – foot high statue of saint Rosalia. The procession is also usually complemented by a musical band singing to popular Italian tunes.

It takes place in between the 5th and 10th of July every year. One of the things that make this festival so popular is however the feasting that follows as Italians come together and enjoy some of their delicious dishes.

Santuario Santa Rosalia, Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Santuario Santa Rosalia, Palermo by Giuseppe ME

Disfida degli Arcieri di Terra e di Corte

This festival usually takes place in the mid of July every year. It is celebrated in Fivizzano, Tuscany and it is characterized by archers competing in the rebuilding of an outdated festival. Each neighborhood contributes several archers to take part in the festival. It is of course also very colorful as archers and spectators alike try their best to go medieval, fashion wise.

Festa Del Cristo Degli Abissi

Festa Del Cristo Degli Abissi is one of the Italian events held on the 26th day of the month of July in San Fruttuoso. It is basically a procession of people towards an underwater statue of Christ. The uniqueness of the statue is however more than just its location.

The statue is made using molten bells and medals awarded to athletes. All this sacrifice is made in honor of the people who lost their lives to the sea. As the process approaches its end, a Laurel crown is usually placed at the feet of the statue, after which mass is held on the white sands of the beach.

Cristo Degli Abissi, San Fruttuoso, Liguria, Italy
Cristo Degli Abissi, San Fruttuoso, Liguria by Yoruno

L’Ardia Di San Costantino

This festival is basically a horse race usually held around the sanctuary of the famous San Costantino, in Sedilo, Sardinia. It takes place in between the 5th and 7th of every July.

The unique thing about it is the scheduling. It is held in the evening and later in the following morning. During the night in between however, the riders partake in heavy and merry drinking, putting their skills and judgment to the test the following day. It is quite a unique festival.

L’Ardia Di San Costantino, Sedilo, Sardinia, Italy
L’Ardia Di San Costantino, Sedilo, Sardinia by Cristiano Cani

Festa del Redentore in Venice

This festival is simple but fun and dear to the locals and tourists in Venice’s Giudecca Island. It is usually held on the third Sunday of the month of July every year.

It features a parade of colorfully and brilliantly decorated boats. It is also complemented by a colorful display of firework later in the midnight. Before this time however, the partakers enjoy each other’s company with casual talks, delicious foods and drinks.

Festa del Redentore in Venice, Veneto, Italy
Festa del Redentore in Venice, Veneto by _topo_

Festa de’ Noantri

This is a street religious fair held in the Trastevere district of Rome during the last two weeks of July every year. It brings lots of people together to have great fun on the streets, usually accompanied with several cultural programs. It is normally followed by eating and drinking to mark the end of a great day.

Festa de' Noantri, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Festa de’ Noantri, Rome by sunshinecity

Expo Tevere in Rome

This festival is primarily an exhibition of art and local handicrafts. It is basically an art event that is held near the Tiber. It extends all the way from Ponte Sant’Angelo to Ponte Cavour. It is held from June to mid-July.

If you are one with a passion for things medieval, these Italian festivals will be unforgettable as the locals really shine when it comes to bringing the past ages to life. You are also guaranteed to enjoy the locals’ friendly and outgoing nature, and the month of July will definitely be prominent in your life too.

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