Italian Language

The official language is Italian belonging to a group of Romance languages, but in the most tourist centres they speak English and German without any problems. Every Italian, however, will be delighted to hear that you understand a few basic Italian words and phrases.

They begin to treat you differently just because they see that you are interested in their mentality of country. If you are not sure about your knowledge of Italian language, you can definitely help with hand gestures, which is finally possible to describe everything with.

Italian language
Photo by Gabrie Coletti

Italian people use a number of dialects, almost every city has its own dialect. Some are even so different that the Italians themselves do not understand each other, so do not panic that you have learned something wrong. All dialects have their origin in Latin, but were differently influenced with the historical development of the region – Spanish, Arabic, French or German.

Some of the basic Italian words and phrases

yes / no – si / no
Hi – Ciao
Hello – Buon giorno
Good afternoon, evening – Buona sera
Good night – Buona notte
Goodbye – Arrivederci
See you tomorrow – A Domani
How are you? – Come stai?
I’m fine – Io sto bene
Very well – Molto bene
Thank you – Grazie
Please (request) – Per Favore
Please (reaction to thank you) – Prego
Sorry – Scusi
My name is … – Mi chiamo …
I live in … – Abita a …
I come from … – Sono di …
Where are you from? – Di dove sei?
Do you speak English? – Parla inglese?
I do not understand – Non capisco.
What is it? – Che Cosa e questo?
How much does it cost? – Quanto costa?
How much do I pay? – Quanto pago?
I’ll have this – Prendo questo
Leave me alone – Mi lasci en pace
Beware – Stia Attento
Go away – Vada via
Great – grande
small – piccolo
hot – caldo
cold – freddo
open – aperto
closed – chiusi
entrance – entrata
exit – uscita

1 – uno
2 – Due
3 – tre
4 – quattro
5 – cinque
6 – sei
7 – Sette
8 – otto
9 – nove
10 – dieci

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