Italy has the deepest pool in the world – Y-40 The Deep Joy!

That’s true, Italy is one big waterpark, and that applies not only to the sea sites, or countless aqua parks but also to one hotel, Terme Millepini which is a home to the deepest pool in the world.

Its name is Y-40 The Deep Joy and as the name implies the indoor pool is 40 meters deep. Well, bye bye Belgian pool Nemo 33, with your depth of just 34.5 meters you are now only the second deepest one! It is also not too bad. 🙂

Y-40 has become the deepest pool in the world since its opening in May 2014. The main architect Emanuele Boaretto has incorporated the entire pool and diving tower into the four-star hotel Terme Millepini, located in a picturesque town Montegrotto Terme, just about 15 kilometers from the Padova city center and only 60 kilometers from Venice’s Marco Polo airport. Its opening was certainly a great milestone in the history of water sports.

Y-40 The Deep Joy, Deepest pool in the world, Italy
VIDEO: Y-40 The Deep Joy, Deepest pool in the world

Pool has several floors and there is no need to wear a wetsuit, water temperature reaches 32-34°C, thanks to the constant source of thermal water. 40 meters depth allows training and testing of equipment for both recreational and technical diving.

There are several platforms at different depths ready for diving courses, and four grottoes ready for cave divers.

Y-40 - The Deep Joy structure, Italy
Y-40 – The Deep Joy structure by

The complex Y-40 includes also small classrooms, that can serve as the perfect background for theoretical training before diving, as well as a large conference center with a capacity of 500 people in a total of 6 rooms.

Entry is possible for divers of all levels. For 35 EUR you are free to dive for 60 minutes. Ticket includes rental of the entire diving equipment, you can just bring your own mask.

Y-40, The Deep Joy, Montegrotto Terme, Padova, Italy
Y-40, The Deep Joy, Montegrotto Terme, Padova by

Useful information

Hotel Terme Millepini
Via Catajo 42
35036 Montegrotto Terme (PD)

Phone: ( +39 ) 049 891 1766,

Underwater tunnel in Y-40 The Deep Joy, Deepest pool in the world, Montegrotto Terme, Padova, Italy
Underwater tunnel in Y-40 The Deep Joy by

Pictures published with the kind permission from Y-40.

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