Pietrasanta – City of marble, City of Artists or Little Athens?

Tuscany is a well known part of Italy, offering immense cultural heritage and fascinating locations from the north all the way to the south. One of the most beautiful locations, for the artistic minded, as well as the people who hold interest in history, is Pietrasanta.

Location of Pietrasanta

Known as City of marble, City of Artists or Little Athens, you will find this town in the north of Tuscany, nestled under the Apuan Alps, 3 kilometers inland from the Versilia coast.

As you will probably be visiting it while heading to some of the other locations, it makes for a great place to make a pause and rest, while marveling at the beauty of this small town.

Marina di Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy
Marina di Pietrasanta by Enrico Barra

What to see in Pietrasanta?

Once you get settled in, it is time to explore and see all of the majestic views Pietrasanta has to offer. This city was a cultural mecca, known for many artists, most prominently, poets and sculptors.

Founded in 1255, the small area quickly evolved into a full scale town with over 20,000 inhabitants. It was nicknamed ‘little Athens’, for the cultural value much similar to its Greek cousin.

Sculptures of Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy
Sculptures of Pietrasanta by Nacho Pintos

Piazza del Duomo

Piazza del Duomo is the massive town square, located in the heart of Pietrasanta.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for you to mingle with the townsfolk, sit down in a café and enjoy a hot beverage, take a stroll or admire the artistic exhibits which are often found being showcased.

Piazza del duomo, Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy
Piazza del duomo, Pietrasanta by Davide Papalini

Duomo di San Martino

Duomo di San Martino is the Cathedral of Pietrasanta, which you will find standing out proudly in the middle of the Piazza del Duomo.

It was built during the first half of the 14th century, richly decorated by some of the best artists Pietrasanta had to offer, including Lorenzo Riccomani, who designed the beautiful rose window, protruding from the façade.

Duomo di San Martino, Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy
Duomo di San Martino by Hans Peter Schaefer

Palazzo Pretorio

The Palazzo Pretorio is the next location on your list of places to visit. This is a complex where the town main offices and the theater can be found.

It has been built during the 14th century and due to its age, it has been restored and remodeled quite a few times.

The Archeological Museum of Versilia “Bruno Antonucci”

The Archeological Museum of Versilia “Bruno Antonucci” is also worth visiting. Located in the Palazzo Moroni, numerous exhibits can be admired up close.

Most of the objects you can see are related to the Roman and Etruscan heritage, dating back to the medieval era, as well as artistic Renaissance objects.

Palazzo Moroni, Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy
Palazzo Moroni, Pietrasanta by visititaly.it

Museo Dei Bozzetti

The Museo Dei Bozzetti – unique sculpture museum features the most beautiful works of art before they have been brought into life. Various artists were happy to provide their sketches, early models and plans of the sculptures they have created.

Hundreds of different artists left their mark in the museum, people like Theimer, Folon, Mitoraj, Yasuda, Pomodoro and Cascella.

Museo Dei Bozzetti, Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy
Museo Dei Bozzetti, Pietrasanta by L. Tommasi (foto E. Forli) | museodeibozzetti.it

Where to stay?

Since it is frequented by tourists, Pietrasanta offers you a great flexibility in terms of accommodation. If money is no object, a stay in one of the two luxurious four star hotels is a must.

Both the Pietrasanta hotel and the Hotel Palazzo Guiscardo offer the best possible treatment and are the most conveniently placed.

Other accommodation options include the Pietrasanta Resort, a place where you can rent a self-catering apartment for the duration of your stay for a much more affordable sum.

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