Popular Water Parks To Visit With Children In Italy

Italy is one of the best European countries to have a fascinating time in with your children. People like traveling with their children to relax and explore the world’s natural beauty and it is this relaxation that the following popular water parks in Italy provide to guarantee your pleasure as well as that of your family members because of the serenity and refuge for recreation they offer.

Torre Mozza beach:

It is situated in the golf of Follonica. This beach is commonly known as the beach with a medieval tower because it has a medieval tower that rests on the edges of water. It is a public Beach thus a good water park to visit together with the kids. It is highly popular due to its golden sand and an enormous view of the entire Gulf. It also provides a great view of a wonderful sunset over the Island of Elba.

Cala Violina cove:

It is also located in the Golf of Follonica encompassing a nature reserve covered by thickly wooded hills which provides habitat to numerous wild boars. The cove has mesmerizing bright green waters plainly clean crowded with various small fish. The name “violina” originated from its sands that produce melodious sounds of a violin when you walk on them, audible especially when the beach has few or no visitors. It is regarded as the most superlative beach in Italy making it popular to visit with children

Cala violina, Italy
Cala violina, Italy by FranzPisa

Barrati Beach:

This water camp is situated in the Golf of Barrati found along a magnificent Etruscan coast. It boasts of its stunning golden sands, a picnic and pine tree area which provides an encouraging environment to relax and cool down out of high summer temperatures. It also encompasses recent archaeological discoveries which would be important for the children to learn, making this beach a great water camp in Italy for a family visit.

Carrisiland Resort:

It is considered as the entertaining water park one can tour with his children. It has major areas within it that offers outstanding amusement to your children. These areas include a small zoo in Curti Petrizzi Forest and a remarkable water park inside the complex.

Lago di Garda, Italy
Lago di Garda, Italy by chop1n

Lake Garda:

It is the largest lake with the most scenic features in Italy. Camping in various sites found in this lake provides you and your children great opportunities to relax and have fun together. You can hire a canoe to enable you explore the numerous features Lake Garda has. This lake has several fishing spots that enable you to involve in fishing games just for the purpose of having fun as well as indulging in other water sports such as windsurfing. It is indeed a great Italian water camp to visit.

Lake Maggiore:

This is a dazzling water campsite full of trees lined in a spectacular manner found along the Swiss boarder. It offers a fabulous view of the adjacent mountains and the Lake. It also provides areas where you can unwind by playing various games such as beach soccer making it an ideal site for camping with your children.

Lago Maggiore, Italy
Lago Maggiore, Italy by Alessio Maffeis

While in these popular water parks in Italy, always remember to put your passports, Visas and other important documents safely.

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