Soverato – one of the most popular summer places in southern Calabria

Holiday town of Soverato is one of the most popular places in southern Calabria, where the cyan colored Ionian Sea washes white sandy beaches. On its romantic seafront promenade you can enjoy lot of fun during the days or nights.

Soverato is a town situated on the Ionian coast at the foothills of the Aspromonte mountain massif. It is surrounded mainly with long and half-empty clean white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea.

Sea at Soverato, Calabria, Italy
Sea at Soverato, Calabria by Mikuzz

A town itself is larger and is located directly at the sea. In its older part you can find a coastal promenade street with shops and supermarkets. Here you may feel that you suddenly have much more time than you used to have anywhere else, which is, of course, typical for majority of southern Italian towns (if not for all). A local marketplace is open here every evening and the town also boasts a rich nightlife.

Surrounding countryside of Soverato, Calabria, Italy
Surrounding countryside of Soverato by Mikuzz

This town has two parts – Soverato Marina, located at the coast and includes a small fishing port. This part is dominated by the ancient tower from the 5th century. The second part is Soverato Superiore, which is located on the hillside of the adjacent mountains.

At its upper part Soverato Superiore you can find a beautiful church from the 16th century with Renaissance statues made by Sicilian sculptor Antonello Gagini and the ruins of the former settlement, offering a breathtaking view of the entire Gulf of Squillace. In addition to cultural heritage the town offers entertainment throughout the day and night or long beaches for a relaxing part of day. The coastal promenade is full of shops, bars, restaurants, discos and sports facilities.

Archaeological finds in Soverato, Calabria, Italy
Archaeological finds in Soverato by Ingfrancescotropea

In this area there are several other tourist centers located directly at the coast and in the immediate vicinity of other historical monuments. Most of the remains and archaeological finds here are from the period of Greek colonization.

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