Lido di Dante – the smallest and quietest resort around Ravenna

Beach in Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Lido di Dante is the smallest and quietest of the resorts around Ravenna, situated 8 kilometres away of this city. The local beach has retained its original natural appearance. In 2002, there was 1 kilometre of the local beach reserved as a naturist beach. There are some water parks and a lot of clubs. The neighboring resort Lido Adriano, is

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Agropoli – the main gateway to the old cultural area | Campania

Agropoli, Italy

Agropoli is smaller but busy resort located approximately 42 km south of Salerno. Agropoli is formed by the historic center with beautiful old streets and houses, and by the modern part which offers a number of accommodation for tourists. Monuments, Transportation The city includes also a nice port, which is full of various yachts and sail boats. And you can

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