Catanzaro – 10 Things to do and visit

It is the second common in the region for population and is the center of an urban area, which has about 150,000 inhabitants. Historic capital of the former province of Calabria Ultra for over 200 years, the city of Catanzaro is home of the University “Magna Graecia”, according to the University of Calabria for the number of subscribers. In the

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Aspromonte National Park – home to one of the largest mountains in all of Italy

Aspromonte National Park, Calabria, Italy

Located close to the sea, the Aspromonte National Park is home to one of the largest mountains in all of Italy. The peak of Mount Montalto stands at 1,955 meters above sea level. Covering an area that encompasses almost 80,000 hectares, the national park offers some of the finest views of the surrounding countryside and of the sea. The area

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Pollino National Park and its symbol – the Bosnian Pine

Pollino National Park, Basilicata - Calabria, Italy

Back in 1993, the Pollino National Park was established in an attempt to help prevent further deforestation and endangerment of the Bosnian Pine which can now be found throughout the park and is considered a symbol of the park. It is situated at the south of Italy, along the borders with Calabria and Basilicata and stretches far inland to include

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Sila National Park – enjoy some of the most romantic sceneries of Calabria

Sila National Park, Calabria, Italy

Located along the sunny shores of both the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Seas, the Sila National Park is a popular tourist destination in Italy. The park offers some of the most romantic and picturesque sceneries in the region of Calabria. From the park, one can look out to sea and get a glimpse of the Aeolian Islands which dominate the

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