Gondolas – romantic and mysterious symbol of Venice

Gondolas in Venice, Italy

One of the inherent symbols of the Italian city of Venice is definitely its gondolas – long flat-bottomed rowing boats that move across the calm waters of the local channels. The tradition of the gondolas dates back to the 15th century, but their origin is shrouded in mystery. First gondolas were produced in large docks where otherwise large naval and

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Pratovecchio – classic Italian town hidden among the national parks and reserves

Pieve di San Pietro a Romena, Prattovecchio, Tuscany, Italy

Pratovecchio is the classic Italian town, popular for its tranquillity situated in the north part of Tuscany – historically very rich and diverse Italian region. Pratovecchio is one of the towns set in Casentino valley, located in the upper part of the Arbo river valley. This valley, located in the heart of the National Park of Foreste Casantinesi, is surrounded

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A Guide On Italian Train Travel

Train in Italy

Compared to other modes of transportation in Italy, train travel is the cheapest to take you to the nearby countries. This is usually the best choice for moving around large and medium-sized cities. However, despite the convenience, most trains in Italy are difficult to find especially during the “rush hours.” This simple guide will help you make your Italian train

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