All roads lead to Venice

St Mark's Square, Venice, Italy

Standing in St Mark’s Square is an unforgettable experience! It may be in the winter when the lines of the surrounding Doge’s Palace and St Mark’s Church are softened by the faint mist drifting in from the nearby water and colors are the muted pastels of the David Hamilton portrait photograph. Or it may be summer, in which case the light is bright,

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Palace Ca’ d’Oro – one of the most famous palaces in Venice

Ca' d'Oro Palace, Venice, Italy

Ca’ d’Oro Palace, also known as Golden House or Palazzo Santa Sofia is one of the most admired palaces on the Grand Canal in Venice. Its name got mainly because of the golden lining, which once adorned its magnificent facade. The palace was built in 1420 for Marino Contarini. Later was tastelessly restored by several owners. In 1927 was given

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