The Green Heart of Ischia: Monte Epomeo

Visitors of Italy typically spend time gazing upon the magnificent architecture of Rome, Venice, and Milan. They maximize their time to visit as much museums and ancient ruins as they can. There is no problem with this choice; however, some fail to know that Italy is more than a place for history and the arts. It is also an exciting region to explore, particularly for mountain lovers.

Monte Epomeo: Towering Mountain of Ischia

Monte Epomeo is a mountain formed from volcanic eruptions, which were prominent in this region of Italy. It is 787 meters high and is the highest land mass in Ischia. There are many fun things to do in its midst, but trekking your way up to the top is certainly one of the most exciting things to look forward to in your journey.

Monte Epomeo, schia, Campania, Italy
Monte Epomeo, schia, Campania, Italy by Dr.Conati

Transportation Route to Ischia Porto: Your Doorway to Monte Epomeo

Those interested to take a walk up to its summit will have to invest a minimum of one hour in order to complete the task. However, tourists from other countries would need to book a flight to Naples Airport. From here, you have the choice to hire a taxi or simply ride a bus connecting you to Molo Beverello, the port that will lead you to Ischia Porto.

Your ferry adventure will use up an hour and 40 minutes of your time and is perfect for those additional site seeing adventure thrills. Nevertheless, those who are traveling on a tight schedule may decide to take the hydrofoil ride for you to arrive at the porto within 50 minutes.

Summit of Monte Epomeo, Ischia, Campania, Italy
Summit of Monte Epomeo, Ischia, Campania, Italy by Pastorius

A Journey Up on a Saddle-Ride

Equestrian journey up to the mountain is one of the most enjoyable ways to go up to the summit with very little effort. Tour guide from the prominent riding school of Epomeo Sella will graciously assist you on your tour.

It will begin at the Miscillo, a souvenir shop, and once you are comfortable with your saddle, be ready to journey slowly along the shady oak and beech woods of Monte Epomeo.

However, the green mountain slopes will be too dangerous to travel with a horse giving you no other choice but to walk by foot or if you have reserved a mule ride, by transferring transportation so you can enjoy the beautiful view of the summit.

Trail to Monte Epomeo, Ischia, Campania, Italy
Trail to Monte Epomeo by 2benny

A Gastronomic Experience at La Grotta: The Panaromic Splendor of Epomeo

The end of the route of your saddle experience will lead you to the Chapel of San Nicola. Here, you will be greeted by the La Grotta restaurant with its treat of simple local dishes, one of which is the braised rabbit menu called Coniglio all’ischitana.

Chapel of San Nicola, Monte Epomeo, Ischia, Campania, Italy
Chapel of San Nicola, Monte Epomeo by Fiore Silvestro Barbato

Nevertheless, it is still the breathtaking view provided by Monte Epomeo that grants you the most satisfactory experience. It is an experience worth remembering for a lifetime, and an opportunity you shouldn’t miss in your lifetime.

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