Bel Canto, The Italian Way Of Singing Beautifully

Bel canto means “beautiful song” and is one of the best known forms of Italian singing. While the term is never clearly explained, bel canto typically refers to the particular art of beautiful, elegant singing that was lost by the beginning of the 19th century (because it had lost ground before the new style of singing required by the works

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Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Diva of Italian movies and well-know abroad, beautiful actress of international movies, she even walked, as protagonist, on the red carpet at the oscar, but in everyday life Maria Grazia Cucinotta is mother and wife. Twenty years after her leading role in “Il Postino“, in which she starred together with the unforgettable Massimo Troisi and the French movie’s sacred monster

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18 Versace Facts You Need To Know


The famous Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace was well-known for his range of collections that spanned clothing, accessories, perfume and home furniture, as well as his designer outfits for celebrities and untimely death. Expressing an interest in clothing and design from a young age, Versace went on to establish a fashion empire worth in excess of $800million before he was

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