A weekend break in Italy

Pisa, Tuscany, Italy

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Italy that it’s just as well that a number of the value airlines now fly there. Wherever you feel like exploring in this beautiful European country you can find a cheap flight to get you there, making it a perfect destination for a long weekend or a longer holiday. For example,

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Have a Romantic Honeymoon with Ville Sicilia

Great view, Sicily coast, Italy

If you have got married recently and are planning to go on honeymoon, we suggest you to consider Sicily – one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. To make things even more romantic, you can book holiday apartments in Sicily, rather than hotels. The reason is that such a strategy will provide you and your partner with a wide

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Best Ways to get around Tuscany

Florence, Italy

Whether you are heading into rural Tuscany with its hilltop villages, vine clad slopes and olive groves or spending time in Florence or Pisa to admire the stunning architecture of the cathedrals and churches you need to consider the best ways to get around Tuscany.  Whilst it is not a particularly large area, some villages are remote and best accessed

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A Guide On Italian Train Travel

Train in Italy

Compared to other modes of transportation in Italy, train travel is the cheapest to take you to the nearby countries. This is usually the best choice for moving around large and medium-sized cities. However, despite the convenience, most trains in Italy are difficult to find especially during the “rush hours.” This simple guide will help you make your Italian train

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Backpacking in Italy

Venice, Italy

If you have decided to go and visit Italy then you have made one of the best decisions in your life and I can persuade you in this if you don’t believe me. Italy is actually a great country but what is even greater is the fact that you want to explore the countryside. In order to do so you

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