Top 10 Reasons To Visit Italy

Italy is a republic in the European continent. It is widely known for its rich ancient history, and best of all, the amazing native Italian cuisine. From the creators of pizza you definitely expect to get spectacular mouth watering meals wherever you go. When seeking to visit Italy, there are some distinct amazing places that you can’t fail to have on your list of top 10 reasons to visit Italy.

1. The Holy Vatican City

Whether you are a faithful of the Catholic Church or not, this is one site you should not miss out on seeing. Vatican City is actually a state, hence being the smallest state in the world. The ancient architecture stands distinctly tall and strong and draws tourists all year round.

During your trip here, visit the Vatican library, chapel and museums for a chance to indulge in the rich Roman history. Also, visit the St. Peter’s square and Basilica, which is the largest Catholic Church in the world, to round up the trip. The chance to be a part of this holy city should definitely be one of your top 10 reasons to visit Italy.

St. Peter’s square and Basilica, Vatican
St. Peter’s square and Basilica, Vatican by Julius for Travel via Italy

2. Lago Trasimeno

This beautiful lake is an eye-catcher for all the lovers of nature. Its natural plant and animal life has been maintained all through the years to give tourists the real feel of it. Lake Trasimeno has over 250 hotels for visitors to stay in while here.

You could book a hotel that offers you a great view of the lake in order to take in the spectacular scenery. During your stay you could indulge in activities such as bird watching, water sports, rock climbing, horseback riding, hot air balloons and make a point of visiting the three islands in the lake.

Lago Trasimeno, Umbria, Italy
Lago Trasimeno, Umbria by Adbar

3. The vast Sicily Island

Sicily is the largest island in Italy and the Mediterranean Sea as well. For a chance to site-see volcanoes, visit the Stromboli and Etna volcanoes that will satisfy your geographical curiosity. Sicily has a rich history in crafts and culture owing to the Arab trade that used to take place here. Also, Sicily is home to some amazing native cuisines and drinks such as the granita, which you should not leave before tasting.

Panorama of Cefalu, Sicily, Italy
Panorama of Cefalu, Sicily by Julius for Travel via Italy

4. Historic Il Monastero

For those who want to directly be a part of the Italian history, book yourself in to Monastero. It is a country house which visitors can stay in. Its history dates back 800 years ago. It offers a quiet and serene vacation experience to those who would like to take in the beautiful scenery of the hills and woodlands. Visitors can stay in the cottage or the main house which have been converted to offer maximum comfort to guests.

5. Jazz festivities

For those who can’t say no to a party, how about the chance to be part of a live party? Umbria hosts jazz festivals in winter and summer where they invite the best of the best jazz artists in the world to grace the event. These jazz concerts take place twice a year, so for those who are jazz enthusiasts.

Umbria Jazz Winter
Umbria Jazz Winter by Umbria Lovers

6. Romance in Bellagio

This village is commonly known as the Pearl of the lake Como since it is located at the intercept of the Y-shaped Lake. Bellagio offers visitors a rich history such as the Villa Cipressi buildings, Villa Carlotta with a beautiful garden, churches and art centers. One spectacular art center is a little kitchen that holds the ancient cutlery that was used in the old days by the natives.

Bellagio, Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy
Bellagio, Lake Como, Lombardy by justinknabb

7. Tuscany villas

Italy is known for having a combination of ancient and modern villas that visitors can stay in during their visit. This blend gives you a taste of both worlds while maintaining both entities. Villa Fabrizo is among the 140 villas that offer you such an amazing stay; better yet, this farmhouse gives visitors a serene environment for a vacation with a lovely view of the valleys in Italy.

Great sea view from Tuscan villa
Great sea view from Tuscan villa by Jeremy Vandel

8. Hilltop San Felice del Benaco

This town is unique with its location at a hilltop. This feature allows you to have a spectacular view of the rocks in this place such as Isola del Garda and Manerba. These rocks are amazing spots for hiking and relaxing during your stay.

Venetian neogothic Villa Borghese Cavazza, Isola del Garda, Italy
Venetian neogothic Villa Borghese Cavazza, Isola del Garda by Krzysztof Mariusz Bieganski

9. Scrumptious Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is commonly known as Tuscan cuisine. Italians definitely know how to cook up some of the best meals in the world that cater for all food groups, vegetarians and meat lovers. They are known to use the most natural ingredients to spice up their food and give it authentic taste. It’s something your extra pounds can’t say no to.

Pizza by Julius for Travel via Italy

10. Original black truffles

Leave alone those chocolate things you eat in the name of truffles. Italy cultivates original black truffles thanks to their amazing climate. This should be one of your top 10 reasons to visit Italy. These black truffles are used in a lot of dishes in Italy and they offer visitors the chance to taste the real deal.

Black Summer Truffles on the right
Black Summer Truffles on the right by Arpingstone

Italy is clearly one of the countries in the world with a rich history and culture. These top 10 reasons to visit Italy will definitely spark your curiosity and help you plan your next vacation. If you are planning to travel in Italy you can book hotels, flights,  car rentals at good price!

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