Top 6 things to do and visit in Trieste ( Terst )

Are you planning to visit Trieste ( Terst )? Here Top 6 things to do and visit in Trieste. Trieste is located at north-east of Italy, near the border of Slovenia. Trieste, the hometown of Umberto Saba, is a city that must be discovered, because at first impression could be not a postcard town. So you must to want visit it and discover the beauty of Trieste! Has been also an ispiration for artists as Stendhal and James Joyce. You can visit Trieste all the year, so now we show to you the top 6 things to visit in Trieste:

The Miramare Castle

Miramare Castle built in 1850 by Ferdinando d’Asburgo to build the “home” for Carlotta. You can see the gothic style, medieval and renaissance and the castle is overlooking the sea with many green spaces. At first floor the apartment of Carlotta and Ferdinando, upstair apartments for guests. The big green park is the best place for some relax and walking. We remember that Ferdinando died in Messico so Carlotta lived in the castle only few years alone.

miramare castle

Risiera di San Sabba

At first used as Risiera for the rice, after 1943 has been used from nazis as prison camp and crematorium where more than 3500 died and 8000 deported to other death caps in North Europe. Now the Risiera di San Sabba is a museum.

risiera di san sabba

Piazza Unita and Molo Audace

After the end of WW2 this square was called Piazza Unita, the name mean that Trieste came back to Italy. The symbol of the square is the Fountain of 4 continents, built in 1751 – 1754.  The Molo Audace in front of the square take the name from the first ship that entry into port after the end of WW1.

piazza unita trieste

San Giusto Cathedral

The most important church of Trieste, with the big gothic rosette in front. The interior, made in five naves, offer venetian frescoes and mosaics.

san giusto cathedral

Historic cafes

The writer James Joyce used to sit down on cafes to write pages of Ulisse and People from Dublin, So cafes became a turist attraction. the oldest is Caffè degli Specchi of 1830 while the Caffè Pirona is the best where eat and buy typical cakes.

CaffË Pirona

CaffË Pirona

The Giant Cave

10 millions old, the giant cave has been discovered just in 1890. The cave is 80 meters deep and inside you can see stalagmites , stalactites and flows of calcium carbonate. The biggest stalagmite is 12 meters high!!!

giant cave trieste


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