Valle di Cadore

Coming from the south, the first town you come to is the High Cadore Valley. A town of about 2,000 inhabitants, which extends in the sweet valley, on the slopes of Mount Antelao.

Between the villages of Cadore, it is in Valle that we find traces of an ancient past, dating back to the first and second centuries AD Interesting archaeological sites, votive finds of Roman and pre-Roman, today preserved in the Archaeological Museum of the Magnificent Community of Pieve di Cadore, they are witnesses.

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True beauty and peculiarity of the village is hidden in the center of town, in the ancient village of Costa, where live, its Venetian palaces, with dwellings dating back to the first centuries after Christ and the traditional Cadore houses mountain. Past the atmospheric Roman road, you can see ancient buildings full of times, balconies with picturesque corners and crests.

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On the ruins of a castle of Roman origin, it is one of the most spectacular churches of the Cadore: the eighteenth-century Church of San Martino. It ‘amazing to see how this building stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the valley of the Boite. They deserve mention the paintings by Antonio Lazzarini and the altarpiece by Francesco da Milano, who are in it.

valle di cadore

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