Volterra – Tuscan gem known as city of alabaster

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful parts of Italy, which can offer you a glimpse into some of the most amazing experiences. Ideal for a peaceful vacation, as well as eager explorers looking for new exciting adventure, a Tuscan gem Volterra is definitely worth a visit!

Why is Volterra a popular tourist destination?

There is quite a lot of history behind this peaceful little province of Pisa. Historians and researchers are very eager to explore the town, as it happens to be the one with the oldest, yet best preserved areas. Some of the buildings and constructions in Volterra actually date back to the 13th century.

Volterra, Tuscany, Italy
Volterra, Tuscany by laura.foto

What to see in Volterra

The breathtaking town of Volterra is conveniently placed on the top of the hill, surrounded by the ornate wall, which, judging by its decorations, has Etruscan origins.

While the most fascinating features of the town lie in the fact that it actually contains real ancient cultural markings, there are quite a few interesting things to see and do.

Narrow streets of Volterra, Tuscany, Italy
Narrow streets of Volterra by John Menard

Porta all’Arco

If you get the chance to visit Volterra, you absolutely cannot miss visiting one of the most historical sights it has to offer. This is, of course, Porta all’Arco. This is one of the six gateways, which are located around the walls of Volterra, all leading into the town.

What is especially peculiar about this specific gateway, is the fact that it dates back to the 4th century BC. The gateway is richly decorated with many objects, which show the mix of the Greek and Roman mythology details.

Taking a picture in front of this monumental gate is a must. You will notice that, right above the gate, three lion head sculptures adorn the entrance. They have been worn out beyond recognition by time and the weather conditions.

Porta all'Arco, Volterra, Tuscany, Italy
Porta all’Arco, Volterra by Stefano Costantini

Palazzo dei Priori

Perhaps one of the most important landmarks of Volterra is the oldest town hall ever built in the entire Tuscany. Palazzo dei Priori is truly a marvelous sights to be seen and what makes it even more exciting is the fact that almost every part of it dates back to the 13th century.

This goes for all the parts except for the top half of the tower, which was destroyed during an earthquake in 1846. Luckily, it has been later repaired.

Palazzo dei Priori, Volterra, Tuscany, Italy
Palazzo dei Priori, Volterra by Etienne (Li)

The Roman Theater

Another beautiful attraction, for anyone looking to admire the Etruscan cultural remains, is the Roman theater. It is located just outside of the walls of Volterra.

If you are planning to visit it and admire the rich interior, complete with the original gathering places for spectators, be sure not to visit it during the winter, as it is open to visitors only from March to November.

Roman Theater in Volterra, Tuscany, Italy
Roman Theater in Volterra by Glen Bowman

Purchasing a memorable alabaster souvenir

No visit goes by without purchasing a souvenir, to remind you of the beautiful time you had on your travel. Since Volterra is a popular tourist location, you will be able to find many souvenir shops intended for tourists.

However, if you want a truly special memory and a valuable keepsake, don’t miss the Volterra alabaster shops. You can get valuable ornaments, such as plates, goblets, picture frames or boxes.

They say that the alabaster objects of Volterra are some of the most valuable pieces of art in the entire world. Do not forget that Volterra is known worldwide as the city of alabaster!

Alabaster Craftsman in Volterra, Tuscany, Italy
Alabaster Craftsman in Volterra, Tuscany, Italy by Theodore Scott

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